Monday, October 6, 2008

Egg-jams .. :(

Its dat time of the year again... and HOW i hate it ..!!! x(

Study leave was always a nice long vacation for me.. This is the first time i actually utilised my study-leave to studyy!!! :D
All I do these days is eat, sleep, study, come online .. 
But still there's a lot more to be done.. 
Not that these marks matter much, its just a practice test, the actual exams will take place in March.. Even then, I don't wanna end up gettin low scores :(

People are "preparing" in full swing..  I get scared of even writin down an algorithm on my palm leave alone make chits ... !!! 

That reminds me of one time I had tried my hand at copying ..
I had this invisible pen , you write with it and then just switch on a button on its side, that gives out a tiny ray of light.. you can see all that's written in that light.. 
I had written some formulae on a piece of paper back in SYJC mid-term exams just in case I forget those.. and the next day, in the middle of the exam.. when I switched on that button, it just wouldnt work.. the battery had died out..!! :D 
I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.. I was just happy I didn't rely on that chit entirely.. I could recall dat formula later and it all went well .. 
Haven't dared to try anything of that sorts ever since ..!! :D
As far as peeking into my neighbour's paper goes, I somehow can never trust his/her answers and end up writing my own stuff !! 

Well .. now tryin my best to finish studyin as much as I can .. 

Just hope it all goes well ..

Wish me luck !!! ;-)


jas said...

Best of luck...
I hate learning and cramming too, but i like studying ;)

Anonymous said...

All the best :)

Sid said...

All the best!

Anubha said...

i too hate muggin up.. studyin is okk! :)

@rajarajeshwari & tallur
thanx a ton :)

Sid said...

btw writing answers on the desk always works... plus you can codify your answers to avoid getting caught

Anubha said...

but when to write answers??
will have to cum an hour b4 time to do dat ..!! and even then, thr r other lecs goin on at dat time..!!
moreover, my exam hall keeps changin :(

Anonymous said...

The best way to copy in exams is to make sure that the teacher is outside and then exchange answer sheets with your neighbor! Get him/her a lunch later on! :D

Sid said...

Ohk... then you are justified in trying to finish studying as much as you can :)

Mana said...

We used to copy during internals but never during the university exams :)

All the best..

Anonymous said...

Examinations!!!....just meant to torture students.... :( .... frankly speaking , had there been no exams , I would have never studied ... :P ... so they are not that bad afterall ... ;) ...

talking about cheats , I did prepare one back in my first semester practicals....didn't dared to use it though... :P

Gypsy Couple said...

I really know whether you should laugh or cry at that experience... but I sure would like to know more about that pen of your.. [:P]