Thursday, August 10, 2017

The world of boxes

Was musing last night over why we feel lost sometimes. I encounter this question many times in my own life, “where in this world do I fit?”. Mostly with regard to profession, “Who am I?”, “Am I really a web developer? But I love to write”. Or, “am I a feminist?” I am all for equality of the genders but I can’t help feeling taken care of on occasion when the guy pays for the meal when we are out together.
It’s hard for me to tick the boxes I fit in, and I wonder if we could live in a box-less world. An attempt at poetry after REALLY long. (Maybe years). May not be as crisp as it used to be, but it had to be put it in this form:
Some people feel strongly about something,
they wear it with passion and pride.
But in this labelled world,
your eccentricities you have to hide.
Some things I like on some days,
And on other days I don’t.
And sometimes I don’t have an opinion,
No particular preference or want.
In the current world we live in,
we are defined by our voice.
With what we like or stand for,
but not why we find it nice.
Not with how we express that like,
or how it makes us feel,
but with what it is,
that’s the only thing held real.
You may like a butterfly,
for it is colourful and nice,
I may like it because of the way,
it flutters when it flies.
The world isn’t black and white,
sometimes we confuse it as so,
and with all the knowledge we have gained,
there is still so little that we know.
We feel lost because of the boxes,
that we put people in,
boxes based on what they like or do,
than what makes them sing.
It’s time we got rid of boxes along with labels,
For in the quest of finding a box of our own,
we will miss out on the truth of life itself.

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