Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A well spent weekend..!

As everyone kept cribbing about the monsoons, and about how the dark clouds kept playing dirty games with us especially when it would rain heavily for an hour followed by a dry spell throughout the day, we were all taken aback when the showers hit Mumbai on Saturday, the 4th of July!

I had spent Friday night at my uncle's place and was coming back from there to attend a birthday party. It was Aditi's birthday and she was giving us a lunch treat at Classic. I was looking forward to it, it had been a long time since we all celebrated a birthday together. I was running late. There was water logging in many areas, some tracks were even flooded, I had to wade through the knee-deep water on the station road. As soon as I got home, I changed and hurried to Classic. Sure enough, like I had told them, they hadn't cut the cake! :) I seated myself, the cake-cutting session followed and we put on these funny birthday caps, clicked pictures and acted crazy!

It was still pouring outside and we were tempted to go to Irani and enjoy cups of hot tea while watching the rain. After a lot of gossip and jokes over 2 hot cups of lemon tea, we finally left to go home at 5.30 pm. I still felt like making the most of the rains that had hit the city after really long and so, I started cooking! Within an hour, with my mom's assistance of course (actually,she did more than just 'help' but I like taking the credit :P), I had prepared aloo and banana bhajiyas, fried 3 different kinds of papad and made ginger chaai. Okay, the bhajiyas do look a bit over-fried,agreed,but that just makes them more crispy :P

Sunday was good too. I spent most part of the day lazing around, the weather bureau had predicted rainfall heavier than Saturday, and everyone was advised to stay home. It didn't rain a drop the whole day (I should've known!) so I finally went shopping with my best bud Chinky in the evening. We went to Dadar and Colaba. I bought a formal John Players olive green full-sleeved shirt for dad since it was his birthday the next day. After a lot of shopping for junk jewelery at Colaba Causeway and hogging at McDonalds, I was back home. I wished dad a Happy Birthday when the clock struck twelve, and gifted the shirt to him.He wore it to work the next day, so I'm assuming he liked it, he didn't say much though. But again, dads aren't very expressive, are they?

All in all, it was a well spent weekend... I hope this week goes well too. So far, it's been good!
College starts from tomorrow, looking forward to it :)

P.S. Don't mind the alignment of the pictures, spent way too much time on it!!! Planning to just write the whole post in HTML next time!


JD said...

few hours back, I twitted my rain predictions in Ahmedabad & it rained! Is that enough for me to get into MET? ;) Anyway, I am feeling hungry looking @ dat plate of pakodas for sure (i dont even mynd eating burned pakodas wid chai.lol)First rain in A'bad u see...

Calvin Pereira said...

Great way to spend a weekend buddy. Even better to blog it...Ghajini effect just in case :)~

Anonymous said...

LOL... You should be careful about online predators! :D :D

Reema said...

that stuff looks delicious!

Sid said...


Toon Indian said...

came here for the 1st time ...really nice blog keep it up!!

Anubha said...

Haahaa.. nice to know it finally rained in Ahmedabad! Yes, you can surely get into MET! Just Walk in! :P
Welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting! :)

Your weekend was even better-- piercing and all! ;)

Hmm, yes I guess so! But I just had to post them !! :D

Thanks!! :)

Yes, doing MSc side by side! :)

Welcome to my blog.. and thanks!! :)

dinesh said...

its really very nice if we do something for our parents.

Anubha said...

Welcome to my blog.. :)
And yes it is!! :)