Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bombay comes to a standstill...

11/07/2006: Seven bomb blasts at seven railway stations in the city.

12/07/2006: Bombay back on track.

26/11/2008: Terror attack in South Bombay.

27/11/2008: Bombay back on it's feet.

03/05/2009: The railway motormen go on strike.

4/05/2009: Lakhs stay at home; companies, dabbawallahs and train-sellers suffer losses; Kasab's sentence gets delayed; buses go packed; cabbies make money; roadways get jammed; college exams are to be postponed.

...The city that never sleeps almost caught a wink.

Local trains = The Bombay Life-Line!


JD said...

"Spirit of Mumbai" as they say ! Keen to step into da lyfeline of Bombay (it makes me nervous tho)=)

ankit said...

congratulations on 100th post and must say you are too good in almost all posts from when i have started reading them. the recent one exam hall confessions was brilliant and i felt i was in the examination room....

~'®Î†Z' said...

Indeed Local trains are the backbone of Bom-Bay :)

Anubha said...

@JD hehe tujhe toh pehele leke jaaungi !! :P

Thank you so much!! :) I remember you telling me that my posts are too lengthy for you to read them. Glad you did anyway! :D

And you get to travel free! *jealous* :P