Friday, April 15, 2011


So, Wednesday was officially the last day of our college life- the last lecture that we had. And oddly, I still feel indifferent. I mean, I would surely miss going to college but a part of me believes I can go whenever I want to, and I'd still always be welcome. More than the lectures or the practicals you attend, it's always the people you hang out with that you miss, but in this case, when I know that they too won't be coming to college anymore, I don't seem to miss them that much. I can always meet them otherwise too.

What I would *really* miss is the routine, the time spent at the chai corner, in and around Iranis, Classic, Family Park, Pritam, juice place, the Don Bosco church etc. I look forward not to attend a lecture or to necessarily enter the campus, but to be at the chai corner or somewhere around college discussing the previous day's events with my friends. I look forward to familiar faces and familiar places that make me feel so safe.

College gives you a place to go to everyday- gives you something to do every morning. When nothing else is going right, it is still there and it has been there for me for seven years now. That's the best part about routine. Amidst all the uncertainty that we live in, routine is the one thing that's stable. As Maithili had very nicely put, "Routine is the only thing that's there for me when nothing else is." So routine is not necessarily always a bad thing. It keeps you sane, keeps you moving, makes you believe that everything is still just the way it was.

More than bidding farewell to college and my friends there, I think it's time to say goodbye to the routine that I have been following for so many years. No more will I HAVE to get up early in the morning for a lecture, or HAVE to come home tired in the afternoon after practicals and go to bed early whining about having to go back the next day. However much boring that it sounds, I shall miss it very much.


JD said...

A new world awaits for you to enter and do wonders now. It will give you the new comfort and routine that you will stick to and cherish this one. Welcome to the change! :)

Pranali said...

That's a different perspective to put it - Like! :)

Pravin Chikhale said...

really nice view.... m badly missing college days.... :(
and ur article made my memories fresh...

Anubha said...

Hmm, waiting for this unstable period to pass and for my world to change! Thank you! :)

Thanks Pranali :)

Hmm, those days were so much fun!

But all good things come to an end.. to make place for more good things to come!! :)

Welcome to my blog Pravin :)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck... You are happy that you don't need to wake up early n all other stuff.... think about it... In college, you could bunk a day just bcoz you felt like it... You won't have that luxury when are working for some damn IT company... There are a lot of other things you are going to miss later... I would rather let you discover them yourself.... :-)


Scorpria said...

Good luck for your next phase in life :)

Anubha said...

@lifeloveandlogic Thank you.. I know I am going to miss all those things :( I'll make sure I find a job that gives me as much freedom as possible. :) I hope I don't get into one of those typical IT companies but you never know. Thanks for dropping by- welcome to the blog! :)

Thanks dear.. long time! :)

Lan said...

last day is always emotional... :) it brings make memories of my last day.. :) :) have a bash .. :)

JD said...

Khel Khatam...Paisa hajam :) Aish kar ab!!

Anubha said...

Yup.. will always miss college though! :(

@JD Matlab????

Reema said...

college days are the best!! u made me nostalgic. how are you btw?? long time no post?

Anubha said...

Hey Reema I'm fine how are you? I was travelling. Will be posting often now :) College days are the best!