Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pleaser's price

Spoke to Reeti after a long long time yesterday and during our talks, she told me that my basic problem lies in always trying to mend things- to fix them, to put an end to them nicely, to maintain friendly relations with people, to please everyone, to be nice..

maybe i do this because of a fear of losing people.. losing a place in their heart, perhaps.

I don't like it when things end or when they don't end on a good note.. but the more i try to fix things or try for them to be nice, the more i screw it all up.

sometimes i even bend over too much in order to keep things in their place.. trying to constantly control things around me so that they may be good and peaceful again.

Guess I should listen to my brother- "If you want something to be at peace, stop trying to fix it"

Not so easy to implement but it sure does make a lot of sense!

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