Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Endings

I like happy endings. (who doesn't?)

Movies that end happily, novels where everything falls together on the last page.. they give you a sense of completion.

And that's what happy endings are about.

It's not always two people ending up together.

There is that man who gets to change the world before he can bid goodbye to it forever, there is the woman who sees her son finally achieving his dreams and in turn, her own too. Someone gets to say goodbye, someone is forgiven after years of living with guilt, someone moves on, someone finally gets to escape getting all the freedom they had yearned for.. And someone gets that closure they spent restless nights looking for..

It's no wonder we like happy endings. They aren't exactly "happy". They are "complete" and they bring with them a sense of calm being "complete" gives you..  After all, we're looking for it ourselves. All the time.

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