Wednesday, March 6, 2013

switching off

Every once in a while, it's so important to switch off from life, from all the chatter in your mind..

I got reminded of it when, the other day, mom mentioned how relaxed she feels once she enters Parel.. It also reminded me of Reeti mentioning  a lot of times how all her worries fly away when she steps on the Matunga station platform.. (possibly because that's where some of her best memories were created.)

For me, it's the little loft in my house that shuts down my mind completely of all thought & worry.. I just have to go up there and I feel like I've escaped.. and it's not even like I have many memories there. It's just a small and cosy place which makes me feel so safe that I don't need anything else.

All that noise in my head silences when I go to the chai waala near my college as well.. it is one place we regularly went to everyday in the last few years of college.

Some people can switch off on their own, they don't need a place to go to.. I am still learning! :)

Want to switch off for good? Or atleast for thirty seconds right now? Go to and push the magic button! That's my gift for you :)

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