Saturday, August 10, 2013

just because

sometimes you have to brush thoughts or memories aside, put them away in a corner of  your mind because you aren't sure what emotions they might stir up.

lately, I have just been brushing a lot aside.. as i can't figure out what a lot of things might bring up. some things are hard to brush aside but i think it is slowly getting easier. I stay on it for some seconds and then allow the thought to pass away. it's also with other thoughts. it's like- nothing is really important "right now".
sometimes i may find something interesting that grasps my attention - a good blog, bits of the tv shows my parents watch, the ads that come in between, something in a music video, a few lines of lyrics of a song i always listen to but never paid attention to before.. i carry these as i go along. maybe it's all part of something that's still getting created.

as for thoughts- they are just that. thoughts. they come, they pass away. none that important as to grasp my attention and very few as strong as to take over me. i feel spurts of peace. so maybe it's a good thing.

i wish to have less of these thoughts and more of the stillness or perhaps, the "fullness". the things that catch my attention. my heart.

i'm smiling more often than before.

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