Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holla !!!!!

okie so m writin aftr decades.. i knw ... !!!!
juzz was caught up wit a LOTTT of thingss.....
the last time i wrote was wen i got a job in e-funds.... well, had a reallly gr88 time thr, neva thot i wud.. cuz u knw, wat i had heard frm ppl abt call centres... all those aunties n uncles always have this typical idea abt hw youngsters start smokin n drinkin wen they start workin in a bpo... n lemme tell u --- its SO NOT true !!!
met all kinds of ppl thr... had a blast in da training period (May)..... our trainers were jus too good, we wud do role-plays, they wud teach us our process, n hav fun too... we played all sorts of games lik Fuzzy Duck, do u love me, dhamsharas, etc.... fuzzy duck was total tp.... the game goes lik-- u hav to say fuzzy duck, n the person aftr u will say ducky fuzz , n thn the next one again says fuzzy duck...n so on... it has to be quick.. n thr wud be a point wen one of em wud end up sayin "Duzzy Fuck" (does he fuck :D) ... n he wud be out of da game... !!!
once we all cleared our tests n hit the floor, we didnt get time for interactin wit each othr ... it was nice takin calls n stuff .. it was all gud wen the call flow was smooth... we dreaded fridays, as there were back-to-back calls !!!!! our team coach always tld us to cut down our AHTs (Average Handling Time) .. mine was always high..
it was really difficult wen we parted.. most of us went to the powai branch, i was still in malad..

My college re-opened in june n i had a reallly difficult time juggling between coll n work... it was hell wen my pracs started.. n i had to resign frm work on the 2nd of july... i still cant believe i actually cried wen i resigned..

I got a new cell on the 30th of June-- a Nokia 6233... wazz so happy i finally got rid of my Dabba (3315)... :-D

Frm the 3rd of July, i started tutoring this 5th standard student a coupla hours in da evening.. wud go to her place aftr college...
gawd she waz such a headache.. i mean shes cute n all , i really liked her innocent nature... i wd teach her , n it seemed lik she understood evry word of wat i taught her... bt the next day she wd mix up lil things lik ... "digestion" for "transformation", "decoration of independence" fr "declaration of independence" evn wen i wud tell her wat every word meantt.... she was sweet in a lotta ways though... once she made sandwiches for her family, n came home to give me one, and one fr my mom too ... :) n i always wishd she wud put a lil more thought into studying , i cudnt shout at her... i mean .. dats sumthin i juzz cant do, evn if i shout it hardly evr works... so i wd almost break down wen she wudnt listen... !! n wen she started gettin low grades, i had to ask her to find another tutor..dat was in aug end...

i had gone to Lonavala on the 22nd of July.... i dunno, i always wanted to go sumwhr in da summer holidays bt neva got a chance to , cuz of work n all... so i planned dis short trip wit a few frnz... six of us went thr-- Jazz, Heena, Sanket, Sana, Sanskruti and me.. jus the night before i had stayed over at sanskrutis place in vashi n her dog Simba bit me !!!! since then, weneva i go thr i make sure hes tied up sumwhr..... Newayzz so gettin bak to lonavala, we went to Bhushi Dam, Tiger Point, Waterfall point... we had a lotta fun at Waterfall point, sittin in water havin hot vadapavs n cuttinggg chaai ;-)

Had been to Pune for 3 days ... 1st , 2nd and 3rd aug.. there waz dis tech fest at Symbiosis , had sooo much fun there... Dilip, Nishant, Kashish, Jazz n me had gone ... i took part in coding, obv din win.. the questions were jus beyond my level... !!!!!! Kashish, Nishant n Jazz took part in CounterStrike along with 2 other guys frm Symbi.. since they needed a team of 5... they won the firstttt prize... 10000 bucks cash .. along with certificates and a trophy.. aint dat koool or wat !!!!! there waz a rock show on 1st .. and a dj nite on the 2nd...
neva been to a rock show before.. it was fun... dat chic sang Zombie (Cranberries) really wellll......
DJ nite was gud too, though i dont dance... we were noticin everyone else's movess... rather--- jazz was noticing them n tellin me hw "dis gal is jus movin her asss re, shes nt dancing.." :-D
We came back to Bombay on 3rd , it was raining heavily dat day...

September was funnnnnn......
I had been to this intercollegiate math seminar competition .. to Vikas college on the 8th... i was all prepared for it , had got my powerpoint ppt on ma pen drive ... went thr confidently only to find out powerpoint presentations weren't allowed since they didnt hav a projector !!!!! won a consolation prize though... ;)
the first coupla weeks of sept were lik really hard 4 me.... had a fite wit a frnd ovr goin to Bandra fair.. "dodo i dun wanna remind u abt it bt stilll....." i was a real dork wen i got all jealous cuz he went to da fair wit sum1 els n not wit me. n din evn tell me abt it.. sumwhr i felt i was rite... bt yea i shudnt hav sunAAO-ed him so much ... he wazznt takin my calls or replyin ma msgs fr 2 weeks ... n i waz upsett.... i went fr the fair wid alisha on the 15th... dat was also the first day of ganpati... went fr the GSB ganpati at King Circle in da mornin as usual n for the fair in da eve... was realllly excited for my very first trek on the 16th... the computer science dept organised a trek, we went to Lohgad.... wazz a lil upset cuz of ma frnd, bt still had fun on da trek , clicked a lotta pixxx.... dats my fav thing to do aftr all :D ..
the climb was a lil difficult..... okie so my bro n osci say its the easiest trekkk.... bt it was a first time for me ... !!! we had fun on da pond ova thr... the climb down was easy... bt i had a thin sole n the rocks n small pebbles were hurtin ma feet.... by da time we were down n wen we finishd havin chaai , my thighs started painin so hard i thot my leg wud breakkk ....... next day obviously coll ko daandi !! ;-)

exactly a week later, on the 23rd.. again a Sunday... our training batch frm work had a small re-union at bandra.. Red Box... we were all excited to meet each othr aftr sOOO Longgg... but somehow it wasnt how we expected it 2 B.... we met up, had sumthin there... bt didnt talk much .. n it felt awkward considerin.. during training, our trainers wud make us sit seperately cuz we'd be jabbering all da time !!! hOping our nxt reunion wudnt go da same way ..
23rd was also lucky fr me .. since i patched up wit my frnd again... "thnx dodo.." :) thr r some things i need to understand... i cant always have MY way!!

On the 30th of Sept , we had our next trek to Sagargad, our dept is goin nutsss i think ...i lik it though .. the more i get a chance 2 go out da better :)
Sagargad was comparatively a lot difficult than Lohgad.. it took us so long to climb... and the worst part was--- we cudnt find the entrance to the fort !!!!
we found a temple, a dargah, a cow's face made of stone n fresh water comin out of it, anthills, a snake ...everything but the entrance !!!!
there was dis point called "Takmak Tok" .. During Shivaji's reign, they wud push traitors "gaddaaars" down frm there... i wanted to c it but they weren't allowing us to go there since it was already late... bt i still wanted to go thr n i ran towards it alone.... aftr i saw it n came bak, every1 started callin me "Takmak" !!!!! Takmak Tok ki Gaddaaar :D

October was fullll of exams.. except for Maths 1 and VB, all othr papers were quite OK... Loved FC & Java.. they got over on the 22nd and we all went for a movie "Bhool Bhulaiya" ... found it really boring b4 the interval , its interesting after Akshay Kumar's entry and Vidya Balan's role is tooo good .... the next day jazz drove me nuts by callin me "chhote pandit" .. he even went to the extent of writin dat in ma testimonial !!! (deleted it now :P) wat elz did i do-- i shopppped wit alisha at bandra... i did a lotttta tp with Haseena as usual ... met Poo ... and obviously pakaaoed osci to no limit on gtalk :D

A lot of changes hav taken place....
i made frndz wit Nimit .. met him thru Haseena... neva thot i'd be frndz wit him , bt we get along so well now and we are a lot similar .. if u listen to our phone conversations u wudnt stop laughin... !!!! we call each other Bhangiiii and actually enjoy itttt !!!!!! we have this Kutte ke Doodh ka business... :D hez very funny and a fun-to-be-with person too ..... u can laugh ur ass out wit him and wet his shoulders at da same time ! thnx bhangguuuu :)

Jazz (Jaspreet)
Met him at da time of exams last yr.. and we are such gud frnds now .. we can talk abt anything and everything..
no matter wat happens, how busy he is, he'll always lend a ear... n will help u out in watever way he can... hez the ideal frnd u can hav , a sweetheart.
wen he started comin to my place to study fr exams i think dats wen v became more closer frnz, now its lik i HAVE to talk to him durin da day...!! "wont thank u for nethin or u'll start the "thank u" ritual all ovr again lik u did last time" :P

hezzz changed a lotttt since last yr and dats wat i keeep telling him all da time , n everytime i ask him, he'll be like "Ailaaa.. sacchi kya??" ... idiottt like him !!! i juzz dont feel my day is complete if i dun chat wit him..... he knows every bit of my life, i tell him all dat happ durin the day....n he listens, i really enjoy talking to him, thnx 4 dat :)

shez an absolute sweetheart... i juzzz love her... (yea i'm straight, dun worry!!) shes always been there for me... she understands me so very well, and makes me feel so good abt mahself... shes juss tooo sweeeetttttt , she always tells me da rite things.. n i jus enjoyyy her company...

Had a lot of fun with Mona, Chinky, Alisha tooo...
Cant thank em enufff...
Alisha has started comin to my place a lot these days.. she and i hav becum real gud frnz now... shes fun loving n one confused chic !! ("u kno wat i mean" ;-) )
shez seen me thru everythin... and so hav chinky n mona.. :)
mona's still wit e-funds so i get to meet her only on sundays now dat too for 1- 2 hours , i really miss her a lot at times... i m juz waitin for her TY so dat she resigns n has time fr me !!!

Mona, Chinky, Alisha, Janice, Haseena, and I had an overnight once in da summer hols.... we stayed over in my downstairs room n made a hell lotta noise there. overnights can be sOO much fun...

And Dodo ....... i gave u a lotttta trouble i knw, but thanx fr bearing me :D..... n for being thr n understandin me... :) though v arent so much in contact bt i hav fun weneva we catch up... merko paani mein mat fek !!! :D

My Bro gave his GRE n got really good scores... hez goin abroad for M.S. somewhere in January n i'm kinda gettin mixed feelings now ... i mean i m ok with him goin to pune every week, but i think dats cuz i know hes gonna cum bak on friday night!! he cant come frm US every weekend though :( donno how i'll feel wen he goes thr... 2 years is a longgggg time, gonna miss him a lot i guess .. good for him tho ....

Prasad's changed a lot... and for the better... :) its gud 2 c da change in U... "dun ruin ur life for anyone" ! :) feels gud to c dat smile again.

well well well time for me to wind up now...... man i wrote so mucchhhh.... !!!!! phew !

will update this more sooner nxt time.. sure takes a lotta time !!!!!

Anu..... :)


Anonymous said...

me changed ?????
bakwaaaaaaasssss !!!!!
crap !!!!
Bull shit !!!!!!
nuthinzzzz changed except my undawear !!!!!!!!

Anubha said...

osci !!!!! kab sudhrega !!!!!

Nimit said...

hmm...clearly a very fine job done ...wouldnt haf said it if u wuldnt haf mentioend soemthn abt me hehe...*j.k* way to goooo Anu Bhangiiii...N may our dhoodh ka dhanda flourish at each and evry second heheh... hey u fogot to mention he aitn jaspreet he is our very own JaspalBhangiii *applause applasue8heh t.c!

Dinoo said...

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Dinoo said...

And hey Oscii, one more change, our beer bar locations!!!

And will keep changing! :)

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