Tuesday, November 20, 2007

therez nuthin better than an evening wit frnds, jus hangin out havin fun... n dats exactly wat i've been doin da past coupla weeks. okk so the mornings kept me a bit busy as the IT fest meetings
have started already but i've been havin a gr8 time

few of my frnds came over on the 12th to celebrate diwali ... we lighted a few crackers on my terrace :) sanket insisted on buying "saap-goli" ... and was also lighting alll "ful-jhadis" to make a bonfire , and nimit was hiding those ful-jhadis for him n me... :D
felt like v were lil kids again !

saw Om Shanti Om the other day @ sankets place... ok, so i heard the movie doesnt suck as badly as Savariya (havent seen dat, jus read the reviews) ... but yet i didnt like it one bit . the concept of re-incarnation was never so improperly displayed before... loved the concept, hated the story line... still had fun dat day though, there were 7 of us, we fooled arnd a lottt

Then there waz sana's B'day da next day itself
we went to her place n played games like Snatching the partner, Message-message, Action-action, Fuzzy-Duck, Cop killer... it reminded me of my call-centre training days... how i miss all dat now !!!!!
it was really nice.. went home late dat nite , wid nimit dancing on the street lik a maniac ... (chalo devghar, chalo devghar) ... lol ..

College re-opened yest...
Things aren't quite going as smooth as i expected them to be , but i'm sure things will fall into place with time.

At times, when u believe in something and the world disapproves, u start doubting yourself and then prove yourself wrong...

There are relationships which need to be handled with care--- memories which need to be cherished... and good deeds which need to be looked up to.

Sometimes i wonder why i get so attached to people that i dont see their flaws. But there are many other things that outweigh those flaws.

Testing times have begun.
No worries, i'll pass.

(thanks jazz... i know u dun want me 2 say dis to u, but yet.. thanks.. A LOT)

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