Saturday, December 15, 2007

ok... updatin ma blog aftr a month i think
lifez okkk.... its goin on

My bday was something i really looked forward to,
i wanted everything to be perfect.
i always have this thing in mind dat i wanna meet ALL my frnz on my bday..
And so, i had it all planned.

I was gonna take my coll frnds out for lunch, and then head to U-turn (Khar) at night with the closest of my friends so that i end the day well....

It started with a fight with my mom over the phone .....

I was hoping I would cheer up at lunch , and was expecting to have a reallly good time. Normally its our whole group and a few more frnds , we have a lot of fun at bday treats and spend 3-4 hours at a stretch jus fooling arnd, laughing and cracking jokes...

But this time, it was different.

People had problems... jus like i stomped out of my place aftr da fight n da crying, so did the others.... not quite the same problems, but yeah... it all had to happen on my b'day .. Dun blame neone for it, jus that it wasnt what i wanted it to be like.

There were 8 of us. Nimit (Bhangiiiiii) gave me a really nice surprise by comin for my treat though he had some issues at home , he told me he isnt coming and landed up at da rite time :)

Haseena was thr wit me all day.. feels really lucky to have someone like her :)

I did cheer up after spending time with them. We even had a photo session as usual ;-)

U-turn was something i was planning since a week's time. We were 9 of us - Haseena, Mona, Chinky, Jazz, Alisha, Paras, Osci, Dinoo and me.

The place was good, we even got an Indian sitting n evrythin..
But the music was so loud, we couldnt really interact with each other, so people ended up gettin bored... :( and i , inturn felt bad abt the whole thing...

Haseena stayed over at my place dat night and we talked abt a lotta things. The next day was my bro's bday so we cut another cake at midnight ;)

Post b'day blues lasted for a few days ... Then things were back to normal .

There were some more problems with one of my best frnds, it was really difficult digesting his decision, but I know there wasnt any other way out.

Sometimes , therez one person on one side whom u care abt a lot, and a bunch of special friends on the other... and you have to either choose between the two, or compromise, change and adjust accordingly. I did the latter.
I accepted the fact that some things had to change , and you couldn't do much about it.
You just have to be happy with whatever you've got...

Looking forward to nxt week.. for Nazrana , our cultural fest , and the Christmas holidays that will follow soon after.


koolpaddy said...

budday treat merko kabhi?

Anubha said...

King circle mein dungi :-P

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate more on the problems created by your best friend.