Thursday, May 15, 2008

Get, Set, Vroooooooom ;-)

Updating dis after a really longggg time.....
Well , I had just found somethin to do !!!
Was working in Intelenet Global Services for a month,
Andddddd now I'm back to being useless again.. :-)
I just realised these might be the last summer holidays I'm actually gonna get , to spend them the way I want to ..!
Spent a whole lot of time with friends, hanging out ,partying, playin badminton..
Learning to ride a 4-wheeler and a Scooty these days .....
Its fun, but therez a lot to remember .... you wouldn't want to hit the accelerator in place of the brake and run over people!! It ALLLL has to be synchronized ... does get a bit tricky at times... but hopefully, I'll learn ;-)
Riding a scooty is far better ... no Gear business there .. !!! :)
Alright then ... keepin this short, will write more real soon !


RJ said...

Anubha - the learning to drove happens once in a lifetime...njoy it! It wasn't simple for me too - moreover I remembered it this way.

A - Accelerator
B - Brake
C - Clutch
D - Door

Keep smiling & keep posting,


better late than never..;)

Reema said...

Yup scooty driving is best!! I have not tried to learn driving geared two wheelers cuz i wonder HOW DO THEY SYNCHRONIZE!!!!!!! esp on bikes..both hand n foot!!

Dinoo said...

Letting others know by this blog that i have got the pain in making Anu learn scooty...

That day was a second chance to my life...
I was dragged many times after telling what is break and what is Accelerator!!! Whoopss!!!

Thank god i survived!!!