Saturday, April 5, 2008

Boredom Kills ... !!!

Did u know that there's a limit to the number of times you can click "previous" while viewing your scraps on Orkut from the last page, backwards?

Did you know ,while adding the Orkut application on Facebook, you actually run a risk of unwanted scraps going into someone else's profile?

Did you know that I actually went on and accepted those 113 applications I got on Facebook yesterday?

Thats HOW bored I am right now .. !!! Just waitin for my new job to begin ... Got thru in Intelenet Global Services. A call centre again.. Lookin forward to it !!

Holidays are fun only for a day or two,

They start gettin boring when you've got nothing to do..

Hey dat rhymed !!!!

Gosh I'm so bored ....


Anonymous said...

I agree, Boredom Kills........
albeit very slowly,

I've followed your work for quite some time now but never posted a comment as I had nothing valuable to say,

Doing it now to humbly suggest that...
DOn't let them know that this is a vacation job for you....
May be you already knew that...

Anubha said...

@ harshit ...
thanks , i knew that :)


u ractually gud at likin boredom!!!
n its makes u creative....yeay :P

RJ said...

@Anubha - Have you tried refreshing a black screen in office?

for me boredom = righ click on a blank desktop and see the screen refresh in less than 1 millionth of a second and do it many times when you don't wrk in office.


Sorry, but I liked your post much much to not comment!

Keep smiling and keep posting,

Anubha said...

@rj ..
Heehee.. :D
I do it every 2 seconds when I'm waiting for a page to open ...
I have a 64 kbps connection, and its depressingly slow ..
So when I'm waiting for pages to load , or for some u-tube video to buffer, I'm so impatient I keep refreshing my desktop till its done..

RJ said...

@Anu - you are even faster:) Now I realise maybe its a universal problem :D

How many times do you hit F5 to see if a new mail has arrived? LOL!

Btw, my post on boredom is a bit boring - but you may want to check it out!

Hope it opens this time.

Green Life,