Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hurts to lose a friend...
Had come so close to that ,
I wish it never happens .. !!!!
Maybe its da way i am ...
too attached to people, with always a fear of losing them ...
how i wish i wasnt dis way ..


RJ said...

@Anubha - It all relates to expectations, I think.

You expect, things happen = all well

you expect, things don't happen = not well :(

you dont expect, good things happen = super well :)

you dont expect, nothing happens = ok

Eeeeks I am so

Keel smiling always, keep posting and stay healthy,

Anubha said...

@rj ..
I know, you keep telling yourself you wont expect .. and end up doing it unknowingly ..
Its the tendency of wanting that much in return when you give out that much.. Let me not get started on this ..(I am much more boring :D)

Thanks for ur comments :)
you too keep smiling, take care..

RJ said...

@Anubha - I thought I was the only one philosophical around :D Kiddin buddy!

Stay healthy n keep driving :)

Sakhi said...

Do you really think that any one of us can stay without expectations! Impossible! We expect from our friends, parents, arey yaar, we expect from our pets too(to wag its tails when we come home!), don'e we! so keep expecting as long as it gets fulfilled, no harm.. ;)

Now, I expect you to go, check my profile and blogs and comment on it. ;)

See, I expect those things which can be fulfilled.