Saturday, March 8, 2008

a vivid picture of all human (or animalistic :D) emotions painted on one frame -- The Mind
An examination is every student's nightmare.

The slogging,
the last minute flipping,
group studies,
coffee breaks,
copying... u're just waitin for all of it to get overrr !!!
And then again the panicstriken faces on the night before the results.. !
Well.. my nightmare has begun ... and how i HATE it !!! :(


~Abhi said...

Hey, good luck! :)

Surprisingly, in last few years in iit, I have developed a very different take on the exams. Anyway, one doesnt study much. so, exams are more like holidays. Just have to go for 2 hours, and you dont have any more classes, labs etc entire day :D

Anubha said...

Great .. Lucky u !!
Here its all about competition for some, and a matter of gettin into the next year for some !!

Thanks for your wishes !! :)

~Abhi said...

I think its more a matter of your preference than luck.. The competition's everywhere.. Its how you choose to see it, is what makes the difference. Plus, not worrying abt the exams and results, doesn't mean you arent concerned abt them, but rather you are cool about them :) Try that some time.

RJ said...

@Anubha - I see you also added chits in there :D

All the best buddy! By now you might already have the results! How did you fare?

Green Life,

Anubha said...

@rj ..
Green Life ??? Yeh kya tha ?

Yup I did mention chits, haven't used them myself though !!! But I know people who cant do without them !!
I dont copy.. Rather I dont trust ppl's answers !!! :D
Funny I know .. but I never really needed to do all of that! My scores are decent enough anyway :)

I had just tried doing it ONCE, its a very funny incident actually.. I had this invisible pen, you write with it and then this pen has a light , you can see whats written only when you turn it on.. I wrote a whole answer on a paper the previous night.. Doosre din pen ka battery gayaa !!! :D I didnt know whether to laugh at my misfortune or to curse it .. Thankfully, I had just carried it in case I forget those formulae , I recalled all of them though !!! :D

About my percentage, I got 80.40% :)

RJ said...

Green Life means awareness of global warming - not related to your post - just used as part of my signing off note :D

LOL! The pen story was super cool. I copied whenever I got a chance and had to choice but to believe that answer was correct.

Kee smiling and keep posting,