Friday, June 20, 2008

Happily Married !

OK.. so I was talking to my friend RJ the other day ... (now u may all think i have no one else to talk to :D ) , he's sweet n fun (u shud try talking to him.. in short, pakaa daalo usko :D ) , anywayz I had a fight wid my parents that day, and I was telling him about it, which led to him telling me I shouldn't be fighting wid them as one day I'll be leaving them (when I get married dat is), and then I would regret it. He also added my parents wud be happy if I get married, I never really thought of it that way, cuz the thought of marriage scares me .. (ya , more than spiders too!!!)

People have different perspectives and different reasons of getting married...
1. Most of the time, its parents who want their (grown-up) kids to have their own families and settle down in life .. also called as an "arranged marriage"

2. For some couples, marriage happens when they get to know each other, fall in love and decide they want to grow old together as well..

3. For some, it maybe the fear of being alone in the later halves of their lives..

4. And for the rest, its a license to have sex !! :D (True!!)

I would always ponder on what could be MY reason IFFFF I get married (mind u, dats a Big IF there!)
Going bottom to top--
As of now, I don't fear being alone in life .. as there are a million things I want to do for which even a lifetime wouldn't be enough.. I'll keep myself busy, no worries! :)
Secondly, I'm happy with just a driver's license ! :D
So the last two reasons are ruled out here.

Point no. 2 would be the only reason I would want to get married, but chances of that happening are negligible.. Being a FOSLA member (incase u haven't read my earlier posts, it stands for Failed One Sided Lovers Association :D ), falling in love is as difficult as solving Physics Equations !!!

Coming to point 1 , I never really understood the concept of an arranged marriage.It differs everywhere. Formerly (or still in some households), a girl, or a bride would be chosen by the photo that she sends out. I really dont understand how a guy decides whom to spend the rest of his life with just by looking at that photo. Isn't knowing the person more important people??Anyways, so after this photuu-shotuu selection, the couple then would tie the knot where actually, they'd get to see each other for real !! Now that's really ridiculous... I would be lucky in this case, since my photos turn out to be 10 times better than what I actually look like !! Mandap se hi bhaag jaaayega yedaa :D And what if , God forbid, this girl gets chickenpox, or smallpox, or any kind of "pox" dat makes u look all ugly .. would the guy (her husband then) stop loving her then?

Second scenario..
A tradition which 'modern' families follow ..
Guy meets girl, girl meets guy. Guy drinks chaai. He likes it. Boom! And they get married...!
(A nice concept for a tea advertisement by da way!)
This is done so that they meet each other atleast before marriage. I STILL don't get it. Is a day, or an hour enough to know someone and decide you want to grow old with this person?
THIS I told my mom. She told me the "getting-to-know" phase comes after the engagement is done. And what if, after this phase, I realise I don't like the guy after all ! What happens to the guy then? What happens to our parents' hopes? All good that can come out of this is relatives and neighbours can gossip to glory!

So... After a lot of thought, I decided.. Till the time I find those Physics Equations easier, I'm happily married - to my single status ! ;-)


Anonymous said...

@Anu - Hey how about courtship? Why do you care what happens to the guy if you dont like him during that period. I mean I have spoken to a million freinds and asked the same question and they seriously are very cool about it. Like real cool!

A drivers license is enough for you????!!!!???!!!! :P

This post is all going to change after you meet that special someone in life. :D

Sakhi said...

I perfectly agree to RJ..
the whole perspective would change one you meet that special someone.. i will not say Mr.Right as there is nobody who is always right or perfect, but you simply like that person's imperfections. :)

too mushy a thought, hun! well i am a die hard romantic, can't help it! :)

Anubha said...

I know its gonna change once I meet dat "someone" , that's what I think is difficult in da first place ! (thik se padh be)

Again, I did say that point 2 would be da only reason I would want to get married, but I dont know if I would be able to meet that special someone, or have those feelings for him. Basically I m now scared of gettin into relationships n maybe that fear is holding me back frm everything..!! Chhod, sochnekaa nahi hai .. I am happy for now !! :D

Sakhi said...

*I dont know if I would be able to meet that special someone, or have those feelings for him.*

kya re itna depressing sa kyun sochti hai?

jab milega tab milega, tub tak enjoy to the fullest :)

I know, I know tu bhi vahi bol rahi hai... :P

Anonymous said...

You've mentioned all the valid reasons for marriage and omitted a few other freakish ones:
5. Dowry!
6. Marry a girl to get close to her "hot" sister!
7. Marry a girl just to get divorced so that you can now start hitting on that "hot" divorcee next door!
8. Marry a guy for money!
9. Marry a guy to get close to his hunk brother!

Yeah, men aren't the only ones who have reasons to get married! :P

Smita said...

Hey Anubha :)

I used to think exactly the same way...

The only issue is our society can not take single woman & then there will be parents wanting u to get mrrd (I had to bow down to that reason)....

All said n done your happiness is most important and so is holding on to urself n your dreams :-)

Good luck...:-)


Anubha said...

ya dat way there's one major reason i can think of
Marry to hide ur illegal pregnancy !! Happens all da time !!! :D

Well, if u have parents who understand , and who can accept what u want to do , nothing like it !! As far as the society goes, who cares?? You only have one life to do what u want to ... !!! ;-)
Ya , my mind MAY change in future as per circumstances ... but I dont think I'll do something against my will ! :) I'll only take such a major step if I MYSELF want to!

Anonymous said...

Why do YOU want to marry to hide MY illegal pregnancy! :D
hee hee hee hee

Anubha said...

I was not talking about ME !!!!
Those were just general reasonsss!!!

Devil In Disguise of an Angel said...

Yeah u're right....N u have a million reasons of not gettin married.
According to you there are more chances of d sun risin 4m d west den u gettin married....But i'm damn sure
that there will be a day wen d sun won't rise at all n u'd get dat sum1 special.....N den u'd be dyin 2 get married 2 dat person.....Trust me dat day is not dat far as far u're thinkin it is.........
So i'll be right here waitin 4 dat day 2 come.........N to read a new post sayin MARRIAGES MADE IN HEAVEN....:D

Anubha said...

@yasmine.. (devil)

Haan .. haan .. tu toh yehi bolegi na, shaadi mein jo aaneka hai .. fukat ka khaana khaaneko :D :P

Well, lets see what happens.. it all depends on destiny.. :)

Wish da same for u dear .. !!!
muaaaaahhh byeeeeeee.....

Vee said...

Lol, RJ and gyaan session... Haha..