Monday, September 8, 2008

Speechless Beauty ..

He tugged at my dupatta as i stood before the Ganesh idol .. 
I looked down where he sat, and smiled. 
He tugged at it yet again gesturing me to sit next to him.. 
He clapped cheerfully as I sat ..
He pointed at the Ganesh idol , and clapped again .. gesturing that its beautiful ..
I kept staring at him , as all others around me did... with pitiful eyes..
He was the most innocent 8 yr old kid, sweet and playful,

mentally challenged and devoid of speech... 

CONSANGUINEOUS MARRIAGES MUST BE BANNED: Genetic defects cause a lot of ill-effects in resulting offsprings.


Anonymous said...

hey three cheers 2 u dear...u hav passed a very gud n important msg thru ur post...ur post only looks small as u der is very big meaning behind it....
Must say: Damn Gud n a very touching 1...!!
Keep up d gud work...!!

Anonymous said...

Extremely nice...and very thought-provoking...i wish everyone in the world wud read this post!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Inbreeding seems to be the new fad nowadays... Read a few articles where cousins are expressing the desire to copulate... Sick!

Anonymous said...

your writings always have clarity thoughts spun in an enticing way..
i loved the way yu have penned your exp. in a poetic way, since maintaining such flow of ideas and facts is not easy!
keep up the good work!

Anubha said...

@aditi ..
thanks a lot dear :)
hope ppl get da msg !!!

thnx.. i really wish everyone stops dat practice..

ya i know... its more prevalent amongst arabs.. whr they're allowed to marry blood relatives

hey thanks a ton fr dat... n fr visitin my blog ! :)

Sakhi said...

extremely nice and wonderful... didnt know you can write sooooooo well!!

i am glad i came here, though late! :)

and the new theme is also great! :)

Anubha said...

wow ur comment rhymed ! :P
well thanxxx a lot, dis post missed ur comment.. whr hav u been.. plz come on gtalk, its been days since we've chatted.. :(
i've stuff to tell u ! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bombay ???????? ... is it 1909 or 2008 .. Anubha.....

i think u dont even kno why its being called BOMBAY..

Bombay was name .. wen we were GULAM and our Masters GAVE US THIS NAME.. BOMBAY..

and MUMBAI , Chennai, Kolkatta is symbol of our freedom native gave this world .. we r free now ... my grand father and his brother gave his life for its freedom they died in pune and chennai .. my uncle died in 1972 war .. i kno none from ur family gave their lives for country .. thats why u r feeling proud to call it BOMBAY ... we r free its not BOMBAY its MUMBAI ...

we lost our loved ones for this freedom ..

im basically from chennai im not marathi but i support Raj Thakrey from now .. he loves his mother tounge.. and mother land ..i respect him alot .. if u cant respect ur own mother land and mother tounge .. u cant b true indian..

the way u gave mumbai a name bombay i would love to give u one name after viewing ur pic .. bye chinchuchamchacha

im hurt after reading u

Anubha said...

@venkatesh.. first of all u commented on da wrong post.
Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog.
I apologise for having hurt ur sentiments but I'd like to clarify a few things. There are reasons why i like calling it Bombay.. i didnt like the way those activists forced companies n restaurants like Bombay Blues, Bombay Dyeing, Bombay Scottish to change their names .. Who gives them the right to enforce their rules on private sectors?
Then again, I respect Marathi and Maharashtrians too, but u can't divide people in the name of statehood saying that "Mumbai does not belong to everyone.." Its a secular country.. No one gives him or the MNS activists the right to take the law in their hands. And everyone wants harmony, no one wanted all this, its the politicians who start this crap to feed their vote bank. They can do something constructive instead like grant free education, scholarships to deserving people, do something for the homeless, make people aware about issues like global warming, rather than carrying on what-they-call the "Marathi revolution", nothing good's gonna come out of it. Had he been loving his motherland, he wouldn't have done all this in da first place. This is terrorism, violation of any kind is terrorism. Had u been living here, u'd know what all I'm talking about.
Well thanks for the new name too, I'm not very fond of it though.
Take care and keep visiting..
Salaam Bombay.. !!
pbbtthhh.. :P

Akash said...

Great touching post but but I couldn't relate with the postscript. How CONSANGUINEOUS MARRIAGES may result in mentally challenged kids?

PS: I also ain't in favor of those but I want to learn the causal relationship.

Anubha said...

It's got something to do with the inheritance of genes.

You can read more about it here

Take care.. :)

Akash said...

thanks 4 d link :)