Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Near-Death Experiences... :D

The last week's been super-crazy...!! There were moments where I thought I'd lost everything, and within hours I regained my life..!

It started Sunday morning..
I was up by 12 , showered and was leaving to raid my friend Hardeep's computer.. He got a whole season of the Big Bang Theory and i had been looking for it desperately.!! Picked up my wallet, my portable hard-disk, stuck my cellphone in my back pocket , and stepped out.. Just then, I got a call from nature.. I rushed back in quickly, finished my "business" , and suddenly heard something fall .. oh god.. all of a sudden I felt my pocket light.. and there it was.. my Nokia 6233 .. floating its way down !!!

Panic-striken as I was, I didn't know what to do, and within minutes, ended up doing the grossiest thing ever...(keep guessing)!!!! The next 30 minutes were spent cleansing my phone and myself with Dettol.. had to take a shower again.. placed my cellphone by the windowpane under the sun for it to dry.. and left! On my way, all i could think of was whether I'd be able to recover all my contacts, my images, my important files in the mem card..!! The next da
y, it was working all fine and it actually smells better than usual :D

News like this DOES spread fast though.. People I hadn't spoken to for ages bombarded me with pings as soon as I signed in to Gtalk.. I also got a lot of calls with people asking me how I'd hold it against my face or if anyone would dare to kiss me! My brother changed his status message to "My sister loo-lified her phone" .. his friends were discussing it too!! I'd leave it for all of you to guess what must have happened when I went to college with the same phone a couple of days later ! :D I backed up all my phone data the next save it from future calamities!!

Like all that wasn't enough, my computer too had a near-death experience last night!
I was working on the last few pages of my college newsletter, I hadn't saved my work, and it restarts in the midst of everything.. I got an error message saying "Insufficient system resources to complete the API". I couldn't make out head or tail of it.. Nothing seemed to work!! I thought I had lost all my data-- my final year notes, projects that I had to submit in a couple of days, my photos, my ebooks, movies, music.. My friend Hardeep said it COULD be a hardware issue but still told me to try inserting the XP cd again, my brother told me to insert a Knoppix cd and see if it works.. After a lot of suggestions and tips.. There I was, at 12 in the night, with my cabinet open, tightening all the parts up.. I still kept getting the same error.. I inserted the Knoppix cd, and saw my drives all safe..!!! Later, I inserted the XP cd again, and started a recovery installation.. which hung half-way, and I was forced to go to bed by mom who thought this wasn't all that important and could be done the next morning..!! I kept rolling on my bed.. thinking my C drive must have got formatted.. and that I'd lose all my data in it, and it had dad's documents..!! I just couldn't sleep.. I finally called up Prasad at 1.30 and he googled it up.. Only when he told me nothing was lost and it was just Windows that had been corrupted, I slept like a baby..
My PC's working OK now, except for a few programs that need to be re-installed..!!
I need to backup all my drives.!!

Had I lost all my work, I can't imagine what my life would have been like.. We depend on technology so much that we assume it to be permanent... And before we realise it's not, it might be too late..!


Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

well well well...
ur cell may smell good, but it would not be on the list of "most desirables" for sure.. :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

We worship mobile phones so much that your experience in the loo can only deserve this: Holy shit! :D :D :D

And yes, computer woes - I think it's a conspiracy by Bill Gates to take revenge on the world! :D

Sid said...

Yes we depend on technology so much so that we term such experiences as 'near-death'


Jaspreet Aiden said...

well let me jus say tht it not just you.........i have a list of my gf dropped my 7.2mp digi cam last sunday after which the lens just partially goes in and if i switch on the camera it keeps rebooting on its own and since i ve lost the display on it i hav no idea what to do,on monday my desktop crashed,then after reinstalling windows it cashed again on tuesday....and repeated the act on wednesday again.....,my laptop suddenly started asking for a cmos/bios password(check out this link its really funny
and my desktop crashed again on saturday.......yest which was graphic card stopped working.....and my monitor cable has lost it too so it shows me colours that it feels like displaying(seems like the chord has a mind of its own).....right now i have just green and red and no blue colour on the screen.......but i am jus happy tht it still shows some thing and i can still do my work........lolzzz

/-\я∆√ĪЙÐ |{яî§hnÅn said...

V do hav 2 rely HEAVILY on technology.. v do take it for granted until sumthing like this happens 2 remind us who is d boss.... [;)] Its technology's way of reminding us tht it 2 has Sum value n v only see it in times of calamity like these.....
Dts when its heavy on Us !!!
n e wyz... u wer lucky.... nw I know u will adore ur cell n comp so much instead of calling it dorky names... like dabba n all... Value n abuv all.. treasure it !!! cuz widout them life wudn't b so pleasing @@@ :D

Anubha said...

No no, it still is on the list! I love my phone! :D

hehehe.. "Holy Shit"! That was funny :D

Yeah.. I actually meant my phone and my computer had near death experiences..

I feel worse, I loved that camera!!! :( :(

I've always adored my phone and my comp, I think it was technology's way of reminding me otherwise! I should stop being SO dependant..!

Bluraykabaap said...

Anubha's a great blogger i just love all her blogs...Keep goin girl [:P]