Thursday, January 1, 2009

GoodBye 2008 !

2008 has finally come to an end.. and I'm so glad!
It was a year full of break-ups, mistakes that I made.. Relationships changed, people changed, I changed.. Nothing has been easy.. It has been the worst year so far.

And I'm not letting another bad year come my way ..!
Yes, that's my resolution. 
I resolve to make every day of this year special. 
I'll do atleast one thing that makes me happy everyday, irrespective of what happens.

I also chalked out a to-do list for myself..!

Things I have to do :
1. Study hard and get a high score in my university exams... that seems almost impossible now!!

That's it.. no other responsibilities as of now !! :)

Things I want to do in life :

1. Learn swimming 
2. Learn to play a musical instrument, preferably a guitar.. 
3. Learn atleast one new language
4. Learn to cook.. (I still haven't progressed from maggi and tea! :D )
5. Take up a Salsa/Jive dancing class (So I don't have to be a couch potato at parties)
6. Travel to new places

There are a few things I wish for:

1. I wish I could just lie down on the beach one day listening to the waves, or go to a 
mountain-top and sit there all day... with no worries whatsoever :)

2. I wish just one day I could do whatever I wanted to , without anyone or anything imposing 
restrictions on me.. 

3. I wish for this numbness inside me to go away, I want to feel again..

4. I wish I fall in love again, and I want it to be forever. 

Lastly , I wish for all these wishes to come true .. :)

Wish you all a very happy new year .. !!! 


Sid said...

Wish you and your dear ones a wonderful new year too...

Anubha said...

thanksss n wish u the same!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey Happy new year :)

Abhishek Bhat said...

You can make chai??? I thought it was just some flavoured hot water that you cook up :P

Anubha said...

thanks.. wish u the same :)

Dont insult my chai infront of a hundred ppl.. i know u've tasted it, its been better since u left!!! :P

Reema said...

Happy new year!! Wish u wonderful 2009!

Anubha said...

Thanks a lot dear, wish u the same! :)

Jaspreet Aiden said...


Anonymous said...

wish all ur wishes to cum true....

have a very happy n prosperous new year.... :D

Bluraykabaap said...

Anubha's a great blogger i just love all her blogs...Keep goin girl [:P]