Saturday, December 20, 2008

Peace and a little Too Peaceful ...

There was yet another peace protest today.. this time however, the Mumbai University took the initiative. Colleges from all over Mumbai were asked to participate.. We had to follow a dress code- white and/or black..

I was looking forward to it, made a couple of banners and asked all my friends to join in too..
I had a debate with one of my friends over the phone last night when he said these rallies 
don't do any good, and that people just come for the sake of it, to wear stark white clothes,  shout, scream and have a good time.. No one's really bothered what's happening and where all this is going.. and that India can never improve.. I argued , and told him its because of people like him that India is the way it is..

But today I realised how wrong I was.. 

We all assembled in college at 2.30 pm, the march was to start at 3pm sharp, right from college to Shivaji Park, where we'd all sit down for the Governor's speech..It started on time, and we started walking holding up our banners,secretly hoping we'd get clicked! :D .. Most of us though just seemed to be chatting amongst themselves.. some imbeciles were chanting slogans like "Simon Go Back!",   I even over-heard someone asking if there was free food!

We finally got there at 4.30 , hoping we'd atleast get to hear what the Governor has to say.. 
They made us sit on the ground, where all other college students had been seated.. there was so much of chaos that nothing could be heard... nothing could be seen either, with more than half the students standing, and jumping around.. People started singing songs to while away time.. We couldn't stand it anymore and walked out at 5.30.. Getting out was also a pain.. 

Stopped at Irani for tea before coming home.. The place was all lit up by star-shaped lanterns, and the xmas decorations made it look all the more beautiful .. Xmas carols played inside.. we ordered tea, and then the owner put on a Pink Floyd concert on TV.. so we just sat there, watching tv, sipping on hot tea..  it was so much more peaceful than the "peace rally" .. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!!


Anonymous said...

Yippeeeee!!! You're back! Welcome! Welcome! :)
So, the peace rally was more of a chaotic assembly, eh? :D

Anonymous said...

I also participated in such protests.....the scenario was same.....majority of participants were least interested behind the real motive.... :(

Wish u a merry Christmas and happy holidays..... am still waiting for my holidays to begin... :(

Sid said...

About that comment made by your friend - I feel it should rather be 'Indians can never improve' instead of 'India can never improve'... our collective retarded social psyche is what primarily makes us underdeveloped people of this great developing nation.

Anubha said...

Thanq.. :)
Yes it was :(
And so was the rally after that!

Yeah, very few of them are genuinely interested.
About holidays, I don't even have them.. we have extra lectures throughout..

its us who are responsible for it.

CRD said...

hehe. so ur frnd was right after all.

im at xaviers..XIMR to be precise...and we've had a million rallies in and around our campus since 26/11. All start with the same hoopla, ppl chant slogans, theres a distribution of t-shirts and other memorabilia, youngsters yell and have fun, give damn stupid (understatement) suggestions and comments and the genuine protestors get frustrated.

and then they go party....

its all a sham (unfortunately).


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Bluraykabaap said...

Anubha's a great blogger i just love all her blogs...Keep goin girl [:P]