Friday, December 12, 2008

The Quarter Life Crisis

Hello ...
I know its been a very long time since I've posted somethin here..
I guess I was , and still am, goin thru wat-they-call "The Quarter Life crisis"

After my last post, I appeared for a few more exams.. then trieddd havin fun in Diwali .. and went for a 10-day long tour recently to Chandigarh, Manali and Amritsar.. felt a little refreshed after that.. I'll be writin posts on that trip too.. 

I don't know how many of y'all have gone through this ..
but lately, I've been feeling very scared and confused about everything.
I get a feeling I don't care for people anymore.. Though thats not what I want.
I want to help people out, do things for them like I used to before.. But something seems to block me.. And even if I go ahead and do it anyway, I don't feel good from within.. This never used to happen.. I don't even know if I like my friends, my family cuz I have to, or cuz I really do.. and it gets scary .. 
It actually feels like I'm stuck in some kind of a trap..
I don't want to turn into a bad person.. 

These thoughts have been eatin me up so bad since the last coupla months.. I had 3-4 panic attacks and depression thereafter.. I just don't know what to do.. 


Anonymous said...

First of all, welcome back! :)
And don't worry about these things... It happens to all of us! The best way to get over this crisis is to just concentrate on what you're doing and do it well... Because if you give too much importance to such things, it'll affect other things in life! You're still young and life's too beautiful to waste away in lamenting! :)

Anubha said...


yea i wont give imp to it, but i just hope i'm able to care for ppl again. it seems like i've gone numb, i dont feel anything for anyone. and this is not who i want to be. its scary.

/-\я∆√ĪЙÐ |{яî§hnÅn said...

its jus a passing phase re....... u'l go thru it !!!!!! chillax... cheerz.. [:)]

Samy said...

Hey Anubha ... Happened to stumble upon your blog and found it quite interesting to the fact that its really simple and attractive ... Nicely written, gives a feeling of humbleness and simplicity at its best .. Keep posting !!! And about this post - Well I guess things are already destined to happen, its how one perceives them at each point in life, is how one lives through those moments !!! So a lot of fun is on its way !!! Enjoy !!!

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

I am a new visitor to your blog... So "Hello" from me...
Next, regarding your post, it seems you are not feeling well for some strange reason. Try to find out the reason behind it, go to the core and all will be well again...
Life takes the test of character... take it as a test and pass with flying colours... :)

Anubha said...

Ya, I really hope I get out of it real soon! thanks.

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :)
Yeah, I too think sometimes these things are important, cuz its all goin somewhere. But at times, I just can't handle it anymore.
Checking out your blog..

Thanks for visiting.
I'm confident I'll pass this test ! :)