Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Worrying over Not Worrying!!! :D

It's that time of the year again...Exams are round the corner, starting from 6th April, and these are not just college exams I'm talking about, these are University (Board) exams.. And strangely, the tension's not building up at all ! 

Maybe the feeling's not sunk in yet.. maybe I'm so used to treating college exams so lightly since they have no value, that I'm treating this like one too!

And it's not only with me, it's with the whole of TYCS (Third Year Computer Science). I see all of them in green dots blinking all the time whenever I login to Gtalk.. Our community on Orkut is flooded with new forums and posts every hour .. !! Seems like by the time the worry sinks in, it's going to be too late.. It happened that way for our practical exams. We would all be wasting time in college all day and one night before the exams, at 2 a.m. Aditi and I would be on the phone chorusing 
"Fatttt rahi hai be.." :D

But all went well.. and I hope this goes well too !! :)


~'®Î†Z' said...

HAaahhaahahh Thats so so true.... That the feelings not yet sunken..
Everyone is more of interested in new orkut forums, Whos who birthday, and whenver you login everybodys there N recently i developed a new hobby of Blogging that too a week or so Before Exams.. :P
Nobody frm the class is ready to accept that the year has ended and only 25 days left for sayin that we are TYBSC(CS) students.
And it is really a record that Maximum posts n topic is being discussed in the community at his time...
Our community seems to be so LIVE.
Its really pain to find that beautiful days are on the verge to become Past.. :(
i wish i could hold back time.. N post pone Exams.. :P

Bluraykabaap said...

Hey m a student of T.Y. too!

Anonymous said...

There're only 2 reasons why tension doesn't set in during exams - either you're fully prepared or you haven't touched your books! Hoping it's the former, all the best! :)

Anonymous said...

ah!!that comes as a reminder ... semesters are just round the corner and just in a week , all the fun will be gone !!! will have to go back to the books ... :( ...

Anubha said...

Hehhehe.. I was hoping I could turn back time, so we could start studying. I regret not studying when we had time, and now we've to do so much so fast! :(

Thanks, didn't know that :P

It was the latter.. but I'm coping with it pretty well now :D

Haahaa.. don't worry, it all goes well in the end. All the best!