Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moral Dilemmas...

There are some things about someone you don't like, 
some things so intimate that telling them could break a relationship forever, 
and not telling them could affect their relationships with other people they meet down the line.. 

What would you do in this case? 
Tell them and risk getting misunderstood and losing them? 
Or Not tell them and let them ruin their future lives?


~'®Î†Z' said...
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~'®Î†Z' said...

If you are a real friend...den i believe you must tell the truth..
However bitter it may be.
Because as u mentioned dat not tellin will definately reflect ur frnd in near future. Even though Your frnd may be hurt but He/she will realise it in future. Because A Faithful friend is the medicine of life.

ITS very well said : There are only two people who tell the truth about you:
First a Good friend who is in Anger
Second An enemy who starts liking you!!
:D so go ahead!!

Samy said...

First of all - really a soothing look on your blog :) Keep it up ... Gives a feeling of serenity ;-) ..
Well about your post, I think, a good friend always has to be a bitter friend when it comes to telling the truth ... The bitterness will go away with time if the opposite person is matured enough to understand that it was for his/her own good and such friends are rare to find ... But having said that, it is a very sensitive matter to tell someone what he/she is doing wrong, and things that does not look good on his/her part, so utmost care should be taken how it is presented to that soul to give a positive vibe ... The rest of it, is all left to the person receiving it, he/she can either sulk on the truth, or can work upon it and improve !!! Cheers

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't affect you and you think it's gonna make him/her a better person, then please go ahead and tell it! :)

Anonymous said...

Tell them !!
Even if it affects you! Your dishonesty will someday haunt you more than having lost a relationship!

Sid said...

Well, I told someone, risked losing the friendship and in fact seems I have already lost it... Am I regretting it? Nope :)

CRD said...

i think if that person is a close friend, you ought to tell him/her. i mean there ought to be no egos among friends. the way u say it also matters a lot, in case it is something really embarassing. its not just ur right but also ur duty to correct ur friend.

So go ahead and speak to him/her. Just do it in a way that acceptable, but speak you must


do visit my blog sometime..and yea, hope to see u on bloggeratti as well.(remember the orkut community? :P) there a thread for blog updates, so atleast try using tht :)

Nautankey said...

Tell them :) Have done that a few times and lost some but we feel good at the end of it. Because our intent was good.

Anubha said...

An enemy who starts liking you ..?? I doubt that !!

Thanks a lot.
Advice taken! :)

I already did. Didn't affect me, affected that person.

Yep, it WAS kinda haunting me. Good thing I got it over with! ;)

Cool, I'm not regretting this either.

Thanks, I already did that :)
Yes I remember bloggeratti!! :D I'll do that right away!

Yup you're right. Did that, and it feels great! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...dilemmas like these are really hard to handle.
But lets be practical about this...if you have a friend who is close to you, then you should tell it to them, no matter what.
But I agree...its not easy.

Anonymous said...

i've done that and now we are best of friends..

when we tell the truth we gain the person's confidence in us.

go ahead tell the person the truth.

Anonymous said...

i love the look of ur blog...!

Anubha said...

Thank's for visiting my blog :)
It was indeed not easy, but I did it! And it feels great ! :)

Done! :)
Thank's for visiting... :)

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

There are never any right answers to such situations. Whatever decision you take, don't regret and be prepared for all consequences.

Anubha said...

Hi, welcome to my blog and thanks for the advice! :) Did what I had to :)