Monday, April 27, 2009

What's UP.. literally !!

Seems like it's been ages since I wrote last !! Was busy with my final year exams.. and now that they're over, I'm all the more busier ! :D 

I can't believe I travelled to all parts of Bombay and beyond within a span of just 5 days !! :D 

Enjoying my summer holidays thoroughly.. these maybe perhaps the last of my holidays..

Had a hectic day today.. Couldn't help but write about it. I was all curled up in my bed, dreaming of caves and dungeons early morning at 11.30 (On off days, my mornings start at 12 pm :D ) ..!! And all of a sudden.. Thud !!! I slipped and fell , and got up instantly..! The "Thud" sound actually came from the kitchen.. I sometimes wonder how dreams seem to ALWAYS synchronize with what goes on in reality.. :) I ran to the kitchen, to find my ceiling on the gas, on the floor, on top of the refrigerator.. in bits and pieces..!!
Incidentally, since about a week or so, our terrace was being dug up for the rains, they're putting on some mosaic tiles there.. and they hit it so hard that we don't have a ceiling anymore :(  
I had to spend the whole day cleaning the kitchen, the room and convincing the neighbours that I was OK !! :D
Bad day.. can't wait till they repair it now :( 


Harsh said...

Congrats for the holidays .... :D

and sorry for that ceiling ....

Why its raining everywhere except Ghaziabad X-(

Anubha said...

It's not raining here yet,they're just preparing for the rains ! :D

Sid said...

Happened to us once too... had to get the whole slab removed and replaced... for a few days I was able to see the ceiling fan of the room upstairs from mine :)

Hope everything's okay!

~'®Î†Z' said...

hehehehhehheh nice nice...
Sky is the biggest ceiling ever so enjoy the natural ceiling..

N thanks god everyone is Safe.. :)

Anubha said...

Hehehe.. I guess my ceiling's better than yours then.. :D
Gives me some comfort! :D
And yes, fortunately, EVERYTHING is alright :)

Haahaaahaa.. Ceiling bhi nahi hai, Sky bhi nahi hai .. beechka cement hai sirf :( :D Yes.. luckily everyone is safe!

Reema said...

thank god it didnt fall on anyone!

Anubha said...

Yeah it didn't! God saved us.. :)