Saturday, August 15, 2009

Book Review: "It's not about the bike" - Lance Armstrong

Cancer can make it impossible to live, it grips you mentally and physically, you die before you even know it, it can KILL you. To know this and to still find the courage to live, to believe in yourself is truly remarkable.

Lance Armstrong is a living legend. Having detected with testicular cancer at an early age of 25, and given a 40% chance of survival, (which he later finds out was actually a mere 3%), Lance Armstrong does not give up. "Don't be a quitter, son" are the words that he lives by, the words spoken by his mother when he was only a child. His mother continues to be his strength in his life. He fights cancer with great determination and will to live and just after 16 months of his discharge, goes on to win the Tour De France, and also becomes a father.

Lance now has his own Cancer Association and has won the Tour De France a record-breaking seven consecutive years (1999 to 2005)

Success is truly felt when you fall down and rise back up!

In this book, Lance tells us his story and how thankful he is to have got the disease and fought it, and how much it changed him as a human.

"The one thing the illness has convinced me of beyond all doubt - more than any experience I've had as an athlete - is that we are much better than we know. We have unrealized capacities that sometime only emerge in crisis. So, if there is a purpose to the suffering that is cancer, I think it must be this: it's meant to improve us."

True inspiration!


PIXPICK said...

'.. we are much better than we know..' - very true... :-)

Anubha said...

I know! Thanks :-)
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Reema said...

yes he is a true fighter!

Anubha said...

You bet! ;)

Frankinsmoke said...

check out every second counts too!! The guy is an inspiration!!

Anubha said...

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It's his second book right? I HAVE TO grab it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You have nice blog running...lance is too good...:D..I loved both his case u like to read my take on his books...


Anubha said...

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