Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Dancing Queen" :)

As many of you know, I've been taking dancing lessons for quite sometime now, I finally completed Level 1 of Jive-Salsa-Waltz. That's one thing I look forward to every Sunday, and even though I suck at it, I love it!! :D And yes, whenever I tell people I'm learning Salsa, they ask me who my partner is and if he is hot/cute :D :D So, before you ask, we don't have fixed partners and can't choose them ourselves. The instructors tell us to change partners for every step, so they choose who we dance with!

This Sunday we had our last session (of Level 1) and had to come all decked up in formal wear. I asked Aditi to record bits of each dance form.

So, here they are:




Dancing is really fun and refreshing! Taking a 2-month break to start Level 2 now. Can't wait!! :)


~'®Î†Z' said...

Me Phirst.. :P
Hey Congo on your first level Completion.. :)

Ashwini said...

Hi Anubha, I am surprised that I am really commenting on some blog like this.This is the first time. I am a total new comer into this world of blogging. I accidentally went on to read a blog by Reema which had a link to your blog. The blog "Now I know - II" posted on September 6th 2009 has floored me. Coz at present even I have an online friend, whom I keep mailing to. Your writing is so realistic. I can't wait but read all your older blogs and wait for the future ones too. Good going Anubha.You rock!!

Anonymous said...

the steps look cool and it's good that you don't have to choose your partner. (None of the guys/uncles look worth to b chosen)
i feel sorry for all those cute girls... i think i should join you ;)

Vishal Keswani said...

May be we should hit the floor 2gather sometime ! wat say ? :)

Reema said...

Woot!!! awesome!

Anubha said...

Thanks dear and Congo to you for being "phirst" :P :D

OMG and this comment has floored me now!! :D Not used to such a shower of compliments!!! Thanks, I'm humbled! :) You're sure going to love the blogosphere, it's a whole different world out here! :) Hope you start blogging too. Thanks again dear and welcome here :)

haahaa.. they're all good people. The guys are shy but it's okay! :)

Sure! :) You know any of these dance forms??

:) Thanks dear!!!

Ashwini said...

Hey Anubha.. couldn't stop myself from saying this to you.And this was the only place where I cld write to u. I actually sat and read all of your posts last night. And as I had presumed, many of the things are common between us.Those confusions about friends and life, some of the situations you faced etc. When I was reading some of them, I felt as though I was reading my story.:)
Now I am soooper excited n waiting for your next blog.And yeah, I have been getting this thought of blogging since long, but never gave a second thought.Now that I am here, anything is possible.. :).Have a nice day!!

Anubha said...

Haahaa.. I'm glad you could relate to my posts very well :) Do start blogging soon. Have a nice day, take care! :)