Friday, March 12, 2010


I dreamt of walking down that aisle,
with you by my side.
I dreamt of holding you close,
and in your arms I died.

I dreamt of a little house,
that held me and you.
I dreamt of taking those vows.
I dreamt of you.

But the years flew by,
and I moved on.
Time changed me as a person, 
and you drifted away thereon.

Now, when I look back,
I just can't believe,
how silly I was back then,
how I dreamt of thee!

I know that there's someone,
who's made for me.
And that you and I,
can never be.

Wishing you the very best,
in the life that's new.
I've come too far now,
I ain't dreaming of you.


prasad said...

1 word - Fab.

Razzer said...

Hey Anubha...An extension to your poem.. Cudnt help it. Jus wrote em..aft I read your lines. :)

Not dreaming bout u..
yet I cant help reminisce those memories of our past long gone,
I think n' smile of the times for lone,
I believe it was destiny at play,
that made u go and me stay.

I remember your words and I remember me being shy,
though I don't clearly remember the real reason why,
Was it the words that made me so?
or jus' the fact that u were with me.. I do not know...

You and I can never be,
Yet for some reasonI look hopefully at Destiny..
Will it make a U turn and bring you around...?
Or do I keep pretending I'm happy wearing this heavy "It's over" crown?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.... But I wish life were really that easy... I wish it was that easy to move on... Nice poem.. :)

Aditi said...

Straight from the heart!
Simply AWESOME! =)

Unknown said...

At the risk of saying it, but it's true. This poem has made my day. *Applause* =)

Nissim said...

nice poem.
I hope the writer of the poem gets a nice way to repay the pain the subject caused. I had found a slightly crass one on some blog:

I know there will come a day,
when we're older.
And we'll meet again,
at a reunion,
or a wedding.

And you'll smile and say something nice,
like "you look great",
or "I heard about the baby".

And I'll smile, and say something like,
"I hope you burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

amazingly written!

~'®Î†Z' said...

one Word...

* Winds Of Change * said...

well would just say
simple fabolous and awsome yarr..itz just good :)

Jaspreet Aiden said...

superb, keep it up

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now that's a real poem!

JD said...

B-e-a-Utiful !!

Killer Verse -
"I know that there's someone,
who's made for me.
And that you and I,
can never be."

Anubha said...

@prasad thanks :)

OMG.. that was WOW!!
Me is impressed!! :P

I'm not really pretending to wear that crown though; I've really moved on. :)

@Aptly Said
Welcome to my blog! :)
Thanks; it is easy to move on once you decide to!

Thankoos :D

@Adarsh Munjal
Welcome to my blog! Glad I made your day! :) Thanks and keep visiting.

:) :)

LOL :D That was too good!!! Hahahaha

Thanks! :)

Thanks a lot!

@Winds of Change
Thank you!!

@Jaspreet Aiden
Was expecting you to start another debate here too!! :D :D Thanks a lot! :P

Thanks dear! Good to see you've started writing again! :)

T-h-a-n-k-y-o-u! :D

Anil said...

hi..that one mesmerised..probs the loveliest one in the recent past

अनिल कान्त said...

lovely blog....
आप बहुत अच्छा लिखती हैं

मेरी कलम - मेरी अभिव्यक्ति

CRD said...

LOVELY poem....

Showcases mixed feelings....those of 'good riddance', and mebbe even regret.

Aint easy to forget ur first love


p.s- visiting ur blog after visit mine :)

Reema said...

wow! u r a poet too?

Anubha said...

Thanks and welcome to my blog! :)

@अनिल कान्त
Thanks a lot and welcome here! Visited your blog, you write very well too. Haven't seen many good hindi blogs! :)

So true! :)

Hehe.. just tried!! :D