Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vacation Time!

Sooo I'm finally on my much needed break- starting today :) And I'm going on a trip to the North!


I leave today and return on the 2nd of August. And for all of you who don't know about my phone yet, it got lost a month back and I'm using a spare phone now that does not have GPRS :( That means no Twitter and Gmail! I don't know how I'm going to pull through 10 days without the internet. I hope I at least find wi-fi there somewhere! Gosh we are so addicted!
Anyway, I'm thankful that I can call and message people for now. Will probably buy a new cellphone by next month.

It's been raining heavily since morning today, and with 26th July just 2 days away, I just hope these rains don't ruin my plans. I'm most excited about Jaipur and about wearing a Garhwali dress at Dehradun :D

I'm sort-of in a hurry now, but I just *had* to update this. Hoping to have a great time; will write and upload pictures once I return! :)
Bye you all ! :)


~'®Î†Z' said...

Hey Happy Journey :).
Come back soon Will miss ya :)

Reema said...

have a great trip!! enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Just read your tweet.
Visit Vashisht Gufa near Rishikesh if possible - about 20 km towards Badarinath. A fantastic Cave for meditation And peace.

Anubha said...

Thanks- a delayed reply this! :P

Thanks.. I did enjoy! :)

Hmm, read your comment too late. Went to Lakshman Jhula at Rishikesh.

Anubha said...

And oh, welcome to my blog! :)