Tuesday, August 3, 2010


...And I'm back to Bombay! :)

The trip was wonderful ! I had a taste of everything- right from history, culture, spirituality to adventure rides and scenic beauty! :D We went to five different places (Jaipur, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Delhi) experiencing each of these along the way.

Living without the internet is really difficult and though I did find a spare phone that supported GPRS, getting it to work was a pain. I'm so used to live-tweeting every experience that not being able to do so got pretty annoying. There was hardly anytime left when we got back to our rooms to use my cousin's modem, and we didn't end up watching any of the movies that I had taken there lest we feel bored. This would keep me company in the train when my laptop battery'd run out:

I wonder how I'll ever live away from home for a long time if I ever have to, considering I was already feeling homesick towards the end of my vacation. I enjoyed the trip thoroughly though. There were a few difficult times we had to go through, but now I think all of that was necessary for us to fully appreciate the wonderful sides of the trip! I'm still in the holiday hangover; getting back to routine life isn't easy but I'm planning to change all of that real soon :)

And yes, as promised, I'd be blogging about each of the places I went to. :) So stay tuned! :D


Reema said...

welcome back!!! Looking forward to your travel posts!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Write with photographs if possible.

Anubha said...

Thanks, they're coming! :)

Of course! :)