Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mangalore - 1

Back from Mangalore on Sunday and it was one relaxing week. It's funny doing a travelogue on Mangalore considering it's my own hometown.. I just never spent a lot of time there as three generations of our family have settled here in Bombay. But this time, I stayed for a whole week and I really liked the place & the people there. Clean beaches and pretty, pretty (though in a traditional kind of way) women! Eye candy for a lot of guys planning a trip there..

Tell you the truth, I was a little apprehensive on the day I left for Mangalore. Something had really gone wrong back here and I was scared of spending 15-16 hours on the train, not doing anything, allowing my idle mind to think.. think about all that had gone wrong that morning! That too, I was accompanied by  dad and uncle (his friend) .. people I couldn't talk about my troubles with. I decided to go along anyway because it was too late to cancel then. And I am so glad I did. The train journey wasn't troublesome at all. In fact it was fun. I met a really interesting person on the train because all of our seats were different. Her name was Izabela and we had such a lot in common. The conversation was really relieving and gave me a lot of insight. She kept me company all the way to Goa and I went to sleep only after that. Needless to say, I slept quite peacefully. I really think God has a way of making the most scariest of situations a lot more liveable.

Mangalore was awesome too. I would have missed meeting such wonderful people had I cancelled my trip. I met my second cousin Anagha for the first time and she was such a delight. Though I love children, there are a few kids I realllllllyyyy enjoy spending time with (spending time = playing) and she was one of them. Just the sight of her makes me forget all my troubles. Here's presenting Anagha and her crazy/cuteness :

Note: These pictures were all her idea.. clicked by herself. I came only later. This reminded me so much of my own self!! Sometimes, when I am really bored, I click random pics of myself in weird expressions :P

and this is us:

I'm totally in love with her!!!

I stayed at Mulki (about an hour from Mangalore) and travelled to Mangalore, Moodabidri, Karkala and Udipi.

I will write a little about these places in the following posts to come.. so stay tuned!!

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