Wednesday, January 2, 2013


New Year!! The day was just like any other day except that I really liked spending time with a friend today feels nice when you go out with one of your everyday friends.. because you don't really *talk* to them as they're always around anyway.

2012 was a bad year for me in terms of relationships and personal growth. I do have some regrets and it feels like I have been seeking closure for the longest time now.

I did experience what it was like to stay away from home though and though it did get lonely a few times, I would say it was a good learning experience.

This year, I just want to be able to let go.. and feel free. I want to cry my heart out.. and FORGET.
I want to be able to think for myself again and look forward to newer things. I want to be able to trust again, to love again, and just be happy.

I miss being me.


Unknown said...

Here's to good times and good cheer in 2013.

My Journey said...

Abubha, happy new year to you. I am still confused whether you at Hyderabad or back to Bombay again forever , but why ? I wish I could talk to you atleast once this year. Cheers :)

Anubha said...

Cheers!! :) And welcome to my space :)

@My Journey
I'm back home now (Bombay). Wish you the same but may I know who this is? :/

Harish said...

One of your pankha ;) and twitter follower.

Aadii said...

It gets better. It always does. Wishing you a great year ahead.