Friday, February 22, 2013

letting go~

sometimes, you have to let people go..
you have to give them space to get away from you,
to be themselves..
even if for a while.

but we still like to cling on to the familiar because the unknown is unfamiliar,
and unfamiliar is scary!

i guess that's where faith comes in the picture.
faith that the unfamiliar is okay, it's what's best for us..

i don't know a lot about how to get that sort of faith.. but being more in the present moment by putting my life into things works for me and i can say i'm seeing some progress :)

right now, i am just realising the importance of letting go..

got reminded of something that Izabela said about a month ago :
"Think of your life as a table with ten chairs around it. There is no place for your true friends to come and sit because these chairs are already occupied by other people."

It makes a lot of sense.. the people who are truly meant for you won't be able to enter your life till the time the old ones don't leave.

it's very difficult to keep generating that sort of power (faith) in you so that you may dare to tread into the future.. but it is certainly not impossible.. (believing so is working at the moment so don't ruin it for me :D)

-- So long from the philosophical me.. will continue with my Mangalore travelogue next!!

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