Monday, February 3, 2014

Not on Facebook? Did not happen.

Lately, I have started writing in my diary again.

And I realised that I have to update it so much, it seemed like an effort. Which made me think- why the need to document every part of my life? Why can't I just go on writing the things on my mind and what matter to me *right now*?

It reminded me of an article I had read a few months ago in The Eye. In this age where we document every aspect of our life or 'instagram' it, who's to say something really happened unless it's out there somewhere? If it isn't documented, did it really happen?

We keep updating our Twitter, our Facebook with tons of stories about our lives. The other day, a friend had a baby, a photo of who she put on Facebook and everyone went like- "When was she pregnant? How did we not come to know? Was she really pregnant?". If it's not on Facebook, it didn't happen. That is how it is today. (Facebook completes a decade this month by the way and you might want to read the comments on this one:

Maybe that's why I feel the need to put everything down somewhere.

But that is just draining at times. Maybe there are moments I don't want to remember or moments I'd rather just remember in memory or moments that are so deeply felt by me that putting them anywhere won't give out the true essence of how I felt i.e. in a way that I felt it myself.

Perhaps we can only fully live our life once we stop braking to document it.

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