Sunday, March 16, 2014

How far?

So, Indiblogger & British Airways came up with this contest, the topic being, "How far can you go for someone you love?"

One of their (British Airways) ads had gone viral not too long ago :

I came up with the following.. "You" here refers to who I've loved / will love in the future :)

At thirteen,
Love was tender, it felt so new,
It felt fun.

At seventeen,
Love was flippant & each person,
seemed like The One.

'Going far'
meant skipping classes,
It meant stealing a glance.

'Going far'
meant being courageous,
it meant taking a chance.

I've gone as far as,
living my life around you.
Without you, I could never imagine to be.

I've gone as far as,
picking a life, just like yours.
I thought you'll remain with me.

Time went by,
And I grew with time.
Love, for me, changed every year.

Love is now,
something pure & divine,
to the truth it'll take you near.

Love is helping each other,
to grow, to serve,
to be better & better everyday.

Love is enriching each other,
to help to just 'be',
to stay strong, come what may.

Love is to inspire,
to grow each other to become,
the best versions of "me".

All this,
so that the universe can be beautiful.
For to it, love adds beauty.

So I don't know if, together,
you & I,
will ever be.

Because, now, I'll go as far as,
stepping out of your life,
If you have to grow without me.

And that is the farthest I can go~

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