Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lil Flea

Food, live music, pop up shops, workshops, short films and all the hippy-ness, it was a well spent Saturday (6th of April) at The Lil Flea, a flea market on Bandra Reclamation grounds.

We reached at around 6pm though I wanted to get there sooner.. it was too hot to leave home before 5pm, I doubt if Bombay has been as hot before as it is now.

We were surprised to find a long queue outside and sure enough, the place was crowded inside..

I managed to take some pictures:

There was so much colour everywhere..

And yes.. kids!!

This one looks a bit tired.. but I was told she is usually a great poser!

Ah.. hair accessories <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

We had cupcakes and then at The Lil Flea Cafe, some yummy dessert (Mango Cheese Cup) by The Bell Pepper.

As it got darker, the live bands were more active and people gathered to sit & listen..

They were also showing short films in a tiny part of The Lil Flea cafe. I liked this part the most. It was nice and cosy. The films were funny.

It was fun seeing so many different artists, some taking pot painting workshops, some selling & teaching how to make dream-catchers. There was a Poi artist who was demonstrating poi but wasn't taking a live workshop. She explained there is going to be a workshop later (look up Mad Poi if anyone's interested).

We really had fun at this place where they made boards of different hash tags. Lots of people were seen clicking pictures with these.

I clicked a few that represented different expressions.

Clicked one of Rahul that said "Follow Me"!

I liked how they did up every corner of the place with bottles, flowers and fans..

... made the place all the more colourful !!

Small Fry Co. along with Visual Disobedience is coming up with another such fun event tomorrow at Kala Ghoda- Arty Party. Check link for more details! :)

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