Monday, August 18, 2014

The blog awakens!!

People have been asking me why I haven't been updating my blog of late.

I have no clue as to why myself but I can say these past four months have been very different. I have done everything new and nothing of the usual.

So much has happened in life I don't know where to begin.

It's like a sudden dash of everything new.

Shooting for the 'Happy' video (which is still not done!!), joining a workplace, meeting new people at both, making new friends even outside of these worlds, considering a relationship, considering going abroad and the likes. And oh yes, I also went on holiday.. almost forgot!! (That needs another travelogue though.)

A lot has begun and a lot has been left half way.
Things left half way clutter up in the head.
The empty time I find in between is also quite restless. Yes, I find empty time in between that I manage to spend in tasks that drain me out even more.

So, I'm putting on weight, eating at improper times, sleeping at odd hours for odd durations, struggle to work and still don't manage to get things done well. Also, I end up late for everything.

Making decisions is the hardest ever. I am bored of the familiar and not ready to take in the unfamiliar yet. I need something that drives me to the unknown. No clue what. So a lot of times, I just move around in circles. It gets tiring after a point and I feel like nothing is important. Nothing at all. As if all that I am doing, I am doing just to pass time and that I haven't found anything worthwhile to spend time on yet. Even that brings so much restlessness!!

Amongst all this chaos, I do find dashes of 'happy'.

I don't know how long I'll keep going in circles. This restlessness sometimes seems endless. And life just feels out of sync. But moments like these make life bearable and fill me up with hope. Wish for more of such and want to see fuller times again..  I'm hoping it'll all fall in place one day.. and till it does not, I'm hoping I'll always find hope.

Until next time.

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Gauri said...

August 2014, surprisingly is an awakening for many blogs, including mine. Well, welcome back!