Thursday, October 23, 2014

Festival of Lights

Haven't been coming here too often because I have been running out of things to write about..

Not because my life is *full* but more so because it has been mostly passing by me, much like a movie .. I watch it but often find myself unable to get involved.

Today, after a long time, I felt the warmth of the light within me - what people like to call "faith" or "belief".

The questions stopped. Felt comfortable with myself. It wasn't magical or something - it was very normal, yet so good. And it stayed on for most part of the day.

It's been five years now since this light has been flickering - my faith has been shaky. I like the times when it stays. It gives me strength to act. Too bad it doesn't stay too long but every now and then, it comes back to give me hope.

Happy Diwali one and all - let the light in you always shine and shine bright.

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