Monday, December 15, 2014

Feeling free and making mistakes.

This year has seen a lot of movements and a struggle of a certain kind.
As it closes, I can see it better.

Fixing my life up to achieve some sort of perfection has been an obsession - the right way of living life, the imagined "ideal" state to be in, pursuing an imagined definition of  a relationship / career..

At times, I have found it necessary to give in to my fears. And in that, I have found some freedom. It felt like I was making a mistake and yet I didn't want to stop myself from doing it. People might deem me stupid but I see it as - I was trying to live with making mistakes.

Maybe that's what we all need somewhere. Freedom to make mistakes - freedom from our own judging selves.


Anonymous said...

spread your wings and fly! :)

Anonymous said...

Share the same sentiments!! Such Freedom is vital for individual growth.... that's how we evolve.. :)
Happy New Year and wishing that the learning process in 2015 is relatively easier.. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

I agree