Monday, June 22, 2009

"We are just playing games"

Recently finished reading this book "Playing" by Melanie Abrams and it is, by far, the most disturbing book I've read.

The story revolves around Josie, a high school student studying anthropology, who becomes a nanny for Tyler, a 6 yr old boy with an obsession for counting. His mother Mary reminds Josie so much of her own that she is drawn to her and agrees to be a part of her household. Mary's crush Devesh, an Indian, almost twice Josie's age falls for her and Josie too is attracted to him.. He evokes her dangerous desires.. She wants him, needs him, loves being tied, stripped and beaten by him repeatedly and he tells her that those are just games that they play and that it's absolutely okay to want such things. She bears the guilt of committing a horrible crime in her childhood and craves to be punished this way. It becomes her need, her addiction...

This book maybe an interesting read but it'll leave you questioning her mind, her desires and whether such people do exist. And of course, the kind of things guilt can do to people...


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess people like these do exist. Otherwise how would you explain the deluge of books on this.
Have you read Eleven minutes?

~'®Î†Z' said...

Yes i do agree people of such sort do exist...You may never know what kind of desires and Thoughts people possess. In medical term they all are sick.

Anubha said...

Welcome to my blog :)
Hmm, yeah I guess so too.. Can't imagine what all these people go through..!!
Not read "Eleven minutes" yet.. author?

Yeah.. These people usually have a dark past that leads them to think this way.