Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And it rained !

It finally rained this weekend and my dad suggested we all go shopping for rainywear together.. I cancelled my plans for the day and got all excited.. It had been a long time since I went out "rainywear shopping" with them and it reminded me so much of my school days.

We'd have 4 exams every year- 2 quarterly and 2 half yearly, and we'd wait for the academic year to end so that the summer hols could start and we could play as much as we wanted to! But right after they started, we'd complain about the heat and would want it to rain.. Soon enough, May would come and go.. and we'd be out shopping for new books, a new back-pack, water-bottles, pencil boxes and what not!! And of course with it also came the rainywear shopping. My parents, my brother and I would all go out on a Sunday, usually a day before the school could re-open, to buy raincoats, gumboots and umbrellas!

We'd wear those full length raincoats and huge black gumboots, and jump in puddles of water splashing it all around.. How we cringe at kids who do that now!

We'd wade through knee-deep water, make small paper boats and float them..

We'd hope for it to flood just so that we get a day off from school.. (most of us STILL do that! :) )

One tradition that my building folks followed was Carrom. When monsoon set in, we'd all gather at my place.. Children, our parents, their parents.. all became one when it came to playing the "29 point game" or "paisa-paisa" on the champion board while it was pouring outside..!!

The board's no more now.. Gone are those days too..

Now all we do is snuggle up on the couch and watch movies at home...and children have taken to video games and the like...!!

OMG I almost sound like an old lady now.. :D
Buzzing out to get wet.. Happy Monsoon Y'all !! :)


Harsh said...

How badly am I waiting for monsoon .... :(

Anubha said...

Where do you stay ??

/-\я∆√ĪЙÐ |{яî§hnÅn said...

YOu are right,,,,,, gone are the age old days when families snuggle up together to play a game of carrom or cards while having a hot plate of samosas [:)]

each1 is busy in his/own right so dese small things just dont happen now !!

anywayz... Happy Monsoon 2 u 2...
c ya.. tc... n keep posting [:)]

Subhayan Mukerjee said...

its j-u-s-t cloudy here in Calcutta, feel envious of you :( ... great blog nonetheless ...


Akash said...

may God hear the prayers of heat-hit Delhites... it's too hot to survive here in Delhi now a days :(

BTW, I posted a comment on ur post "Speechless Beauty" and I'm really looking forward to get an answer for that...

Anonymous said...

Wow.... Loved you blogs... Very well written.....:) Would you like to write for www.mumbaikar.com too? It is a website for the people of mumbai... Awaiting your response at neha.gandhi@mumbaikar.com.

Reema said...

no rain here yet!

Anubha said...

Yeah how could I forget samosas and bhajiyas..!!

Hey welcome to my blog.. :)
It will rain there too, just wait for it some more! Visiting your blog..

Welcome to my blog :)
It was hotter here.. Don't worry, it'll rain soon! :)

And I replied to that comment of yours, you can check it out here :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks a ton for the compliments! :)

Will get back to you soon :)

Guess you need to dance some more! :D

Rohan - Smiles to go before i sleep :-) said...

kool post...
i cud feel the sweet smell of new books, new bags, raincoats...

those early days of school were so exciting...new class, new class teacher, new bench partners...

ahh...koi lauta do mere beete hue din :):):)

~'®Î†Z' said...

yaa dat was such a true picture of our childhood i remember how i especially used to go to school when it rained heavily :P so that i can splash water and play there.
I rarely carried Umbrella and used to give my bag to my younger brother n enjoy the rains.hhehehe ;)I remember sitting near the window the whole day n watch commuters and kids passing near by i threw stuff out of my window and then used to go downstairs to pick up and enjoy Little drops from Heaven :) hehehheh
Well Happy Monsoon

Anubha said...

Haahaa..well thanks! :)
abhi tere bacche hi lautaa sakte hai woh din! :P

Heheheh we too used to find excuses to go out and wet ourselves. Those were the days!
Thanks and wish you the same! :)

JD said...

sachchi...bohot lambi list hai. M @ pt 72 reading this @ my workplace.lol

will continue reading from 72 after lunch break. nice blog btw!


Anubha said...

Thanks! :)
Galat post pe comment kiya :P Well anyway, list toh lambi hai hi, but each one of them has been personally written by people out of experience! :) Hope you read them all ! :)