Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Piece of My Mind - II

Picture this:
You go to your family friend's place with your 7 year old daughter and she is happy to have met you after so long. She greets you with a plate full of mithaais including a few methi laddoos that you're not very fond of (methi laddoos are supposed to be bitter-sweet). Nevertheless, to keep her happy, you tell her that you love them and go on to gobble a couple of them to convince her you're not lying, while your daughter makes a face and tells your friend it's bitter and she won't have it. And then you think "She could get away with that, she's a kid!"

What is it about kids that make you want to forgive them for anything that they do ?
And why do we start wearing a mask by the time we cross adolescence ?
Is it because of social acceptance?
Is it because we want to be loved, and we think by pleasing people we'll somehow achieve that?
Is it because we are afraid of who we really are, or hate ourselves for how we are inside?
Why do we hate our inside from the outside?

I think the best part about being a kid is speaking your heart out- without giving a single thought to the consequences thereafter. Kids just do what they want to do, they don't have to think about the society, what their friends think or what their family thinks. They know what they want and they have it by any means. If they don't want something, they simply say "No" without giving a thought to what the person will think/feel. It's their genuineness that makes you want to forgive them for whatever they say or do, because you know they speak from their heart and don't hold back anything against you.

Where does all that go away then?

I think, as we grow up, we build a bubble around ourselves. Rather, I'd say, we build a wall around ourselves. A wall made of opinions of people, the way they think, the way they perceive us, and of course whether our views will be accepted by them. And if they aren't, we tend to manipulate our own views in ways we don't even realise! Result? We end up losing our own selves, our own voices. We are stuck in a trap we have built by ourselves. We are scared because we are all alone, we aren't kids any longer and will no longer be forgiven for our actions. We feel we need the people around us, we need their approval. We need them because we don't want to feel we're alone. We are scared of not being accepted and loved by the people around us when they don't really care and we end up living their life- a life based on their views and wants.

It's only when we break free of this bubble and listen to our heart that we'll be truly happy.
It's hard to break free, it's hard to let go, hard but not impossible!

Let's all start listening to our hearts. Let's see people for what they are from within. Let's not hide our insides from the world. Let's all become kids again.

P.S: Posting about something that you wished you did feels better!


Anonymous said...

Thats the thing. We seek acceptance but I'm not sure why... Coz when the need comes, the people whose acceptance that mattered to us in the first place, are nowhere nearby. Instead those who help us are the ones who love us unconditionally and would stand by us no matter what.

If you've a dream, protect it with all the might for a hundred people would tell u a thousand reasons as to why we CANNOT do it. But if you've ONE single reason to do it and honestly believe in the purpose, then DO IT!

I've personally known that in the toughest of the times, often only two things stand by you- your strength of charecter and your belief in ur own self.
“Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand.” – Anonymous

As they say, you've to look inside yourself for true happiness. Have the strength to defy all odds to pursue what you want and you will succeed!

"Strength doesnt come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardship & decide not to surrender, that is strength." :)

jas said...

u know there's a saying i really like.. "we never grow up, we just learn how to behave in society"

My Journey said...

Very matured writing. I really wonder. Go on :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anubha, first time on your blog and by the looks of it, definitely not the last! :)

What you have written here, is so true! :) If we cud all be as innocent and as inquisitive as kids, this world would be a much sweeter place :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't you cute. Where you at? Wink.

Anubha said...

It's like my brother says-
When you're confused, there are some people who would advise you on what to do and if you don't follow it, they either won't care, won't be there or will say- "I told you so".

And yes, in the end, it's only you and the belief in yourself that counts. :)

Very true! :)

Thanks !! That's probably the first time someone's said that about me :D

Welcome to my blog! :)
And yes, the world could be so much more sweeter and worth living in if we start seeing it through their eyes again!

Hmm, interesting comment :P
Welcome to my blog :)
I'm at Bombay.

Reema said...

its all pretences for acceptances

Reema said...

its all pretences for acceptances

Rajesh Kanuri said...

Interesting.. waiting for the next..

Anonymous said...

I did not mean it literally. Why am I still commenting?

Harsh said...

:D :D :D

Anubha said...

Very true! :)

Hehe. Thanks, that will take time!

You know that better!

What are you laughing at? Pagal :P