Friday, November 27, 2009


She smiled when she noticed him looking at her from the corner of his eye, and how he looked away, embarrassed, when she caught him doing that! It was the third time now. Since the last one month, his head was not where it should have been. He was in class merely in the physical sense. There was a lot going on in his life other than just Socket programming. He was already frustrated by the field he had chosen for himself and he had felt life had nothing more to offer. For the past five days, however, things had been different. Maybe it was her. No, let me rephrase that- it WAS her. He didn't know what it was about her that made him feel so hopeful about himself, so safe, so peaceful. He had barely managed to catch her name a day back, he wasn't sure if he had heard it right. It was either Priya or Supriya. He hoped it was Priya. "Priya" was sweeter, just like her!

He'd come to class everyday now, surprising his professors who'd usually cringe at him for being so laidback and unpunctual. He had a reason now, and he'd run to class on days that he'd get late, hoping to be allowed in, just once, so he could get a glimpse of her. It felt heavenly. He could easily carry on with the rest of his day knowing she was there. Her presence had a lasting impact on him. There were a few times when they bumped into each other at breaktime or in between two classes, but strangely, neither of them would feel the need to talk. This communication was different. There was so much said only with the eyes that somehow, talking seemed unnecessary. The language of the soul is truly remarkable! And at times, when she'd pass by brushing her side against his, he'd get blown away! His world changed. He looked at things differently, he surprised himself by scoring straight A's in all the subjects he had chosen for himself. He realised he was happy and enjoyed every moment of his life.

Summer holidays were approaching and Priya had already started bunking classes. He felt anxious not knowing what had happ
ened to her and desperately wanting to see her. Days passed and there was no news of her. No one knew where she was. He became increasingly restless. Soon the term got over and the holidays had begun. He did all that he could to keep himself busy and happy. His life was a little on track now thanks to her and he realised he had to get on with it. He would see her after the holidays, he could wait till then. And he was right. Soon after the holidays, as he went to college for the next term, he saw her at the gate walking towards class with a couple of books in her hands, and her trademark embroidered jhola slung on her shoulder. But something was amiss. He couldn't place it. There was no serenity on her face any longer, and she seemed pale. It was painful to see her like that. And just then he noticed her hand- the ring! He never remembered seeing it before, he was too afraid to ask. He just knew. She was married, she had to be.. but she didn't seem happy at all!! He wanted to ask her a lot of things; a whole lot of questions came to him, he was just about to approach her for the first time in the four months that he knew her. And as he went closer, she walked away. Never to return to college again.

He couldn't tell what had happened that led her to get married so soon; he could only guess it could be parental pressure. Atleast that's what her friends thought! He was depressed but he knew he had to accept it. She had come in for a purpose, and it was served. Now it was time to move on, to pursue what he had discovered, to live the life he had almost given up.. if it weren't for HER!


Reema said...

so u too? nice story!

Anubha said...

Hehe.. this is purely fiction! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! :)
I agree, Every person who comes into our life has a purpose to serve. Sometimes we never understand how important they are to us, until we loose them.
They change us in some way or the other. But it's all for the good. In the end it makes us a much stronger human being.
I remember you telling me this quote (I mean commenting on my blog) - “In 5 years time, you’ll still be the same person except for the books you read and the people you meet.”
To some it up all- People come and go, we change, everything around us changes, but our life – goes on..

Anonymous said...

Sweet and sad.
Its rightly said that we need to talk, and just not exist and assume.

Annkur said...

oye koi nahi, ghar pe saasu-maa se jhagda ho gaya hoga. Pati ekdum mast hai :P

Anonymous said...

Purely fiction? I disagree!! :P
Who's he? Tell me the name!! :D

PS: I'm back! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Goody goody romance fiction... Story of my life!

JD said...

The hardest part for him might have been da tyme when he must have noticed the ring..may b he should have talked to her if he had any feelings..he must have waited for da ryte tyde to set off (i know this group of fools very well as I accompany em 2 ;))..but do u really think that everyone who comes in2 our life has some purpose? if they do then y can't thy just stay ??

Anubha said...

Very true. Every incident that takes place and every person has a purpose in the mosaic of life!

Yes.. But some things are just meant to be that way!

Yeh kya tha?? Pagal kahi ka!

Haahaahaa.. It's fiction !! 100% !!

P.S: Yippiee!! Great to see you back here!! :) :) :)

Welcome to my blog, and thanks! :) Your story? Really?

Yes I totally believe they have a purpose. They are meant to stay only for that time. They don't stay longer either because there are other people or things that are supposed to take place, or because their purpose is served and they aren't needed any longer.
Bas ab jyaada philosophy hogayi! :D

Calvin Pereira said...

This is so true. This happened to me every time I tried for a chick.

Anubha said...

LOL. Teri toh baat hi alag hai re :P
Aisa "sirfcalvin" ke saath hi ho sakta hai :P :P :P

Anonymous said...

But that's a sad ending :( I liked her spirit and her wish to let him know, but still she was so unhappy!