Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What have you done?

Okay, this should ideally have been my first post in the coming year (like some new resolution post)! But since there is a lot of talk happening over the world ending in 2012, I got so paranoid; I thought I might as well put this down now.

For those of you who are still clueless about Dooms Day-

Our planet is coming to an end on the 21st of December, 2012. The poles of the earth are supposedly shifting.

The iron core of the earth is magnetic. Because of the switching of the magnetic core, the earth will start to rotate in the other direction! Because of this, the outer earth's crust will break off! In other words the outer layer will be "floating." It will be on the loose, no longer attached to its "master." If you are on the planet at that moment, it will tilt some thousands of miles in a couple of hours. Looking up in the sky it will seem as if "the sky is coming down," as it is described in the old scriptures!
Giant quakes will occur. Earth plates will be moving, mountains will be rising where first there was nothing, land masses will break open and collapse, mountains collapse, land will sink into the ocean, volcanoes erupt in many places. In short, the most terrible nightmare cannot be terrible enough to describe this world's destruction.

I used to keep getting email forwards and messages, most of them asking me to forward the same to 11 others- like THAT will stop the poles from shifting, and the sun from aligning itself with the earth and the moon! I ignored them all just like I ignore mails which tell me to hit F6 after forwarding them to 20 other people just so that I would know the name of the person I'd get married to! :D
So, anyway, getting back to the point, I kept hearing of the world ending from so many different sources; my mentor in my previous company even told me of this book called "The Orion's Prophecy" which proves that the world should end by 2012. And after the movie (2012) that has just recently hit the theatres, I'm starting to get worried all the more! I haven't watched it yet, but the fact that so many others are taking it seriously is creepy..

As always, a hundred thousand thoughts raced through my mind. So what if I die in the next three years? What have I done so far? Have I done all the things I ever wanted to? Have I done ANY of the things I wanted to? None at all!! And when the time comes, I'd regret it to the core. When I breathe last, I don't want to have any regrets.

And so, in the middle of my Java class as twenty others were dozing off and as I was on the verge of falling off the chair sleeping-- I sat right up and made a list !! So here I am presenting a list of all the things I'd like to achieve before I close my eyes forever, and I'm planning to start achieving them slowly, starting today!

1. I'd like to write professionally once-for anything! Be it a magazine, a newspaper or a book! Would also love to write a book someday- it'd be so cool! :)

2. I want to paint my house downstairs all by myself. The house would fully depict me.
(One wall could have paintings of tea, bombay, friends, music. I'd arrange all my novels together, paint a seperate wall for them too with alphabets maybe!! It's the "Fountainhead" effect I guess ;))

3. I want to work on two sites (can't really reveal much right now).

4. I want to learn SOME form of dancing- be it jive, salsa, waltz, hip hop, anything!! I want to stop feeling so shy of dancing!

5. I'd love to play some form of musical instrument, a guitar maybe!! Would sing too!

6. I want to travel- A LOT, go to new places, meet new people, click a lot of photographs and enjoy different cultures!

7. I want to buy a scooty for myself and a car for my family. The traffic in Bombay explains why this one was last on the list!

Most of all, I want to break free once- with no one to answer to, nothing to feel scared about, nothing to feel worried about, going where my heart takes me and doing what it tells me to. No rules attached!

Imagine if the whole world were ending in a week's time for certain- wouldn't there be a huge chaos? People would hurry to chase their dreams, to do all that they always wanted to. The problem with us humans is- We take life to be permanent when it's not. We think we can live our lives anytime later and "later" never comes.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could just pause and think about what they were doing and pursue their dreams? The only good thing that would come out of the Dooms Day is - people will finally realise we won't be here for long. Mistakes will be forgiven, ties will be made stronger, emotions will no longer be hidden! Everything would be truthful and transparent.

So let's start living each day as if it were our last. Let's not waste even a second.
That way, even if the theory is faulty, and if the world won't really end on the 21st of December 2012 like it's supposed to, we will still have found what we truly desire and what makes us immensely happy, no?

I tag Nikhil, Sakhi, Reema, Scorpria,
Calvin, Aditi, Mona and Ashwin to make a to-do list too and post it!! Just realised, it's been really long since we did tags! :)


Reema said...

Ohh its all bull. world is not going to end :) nice list :) will do the tag soon.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I choose to place my trust on the people who launched and brought back humans all the way to and from moon- NASA. Read their take on 2012: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

Anyway since you asked, this is my bucket list:

1. I'm a semi professional photographer, so I would wanna buy a Canon ESO 7D DSLR with EF 75-300 IS USM Lens kit. I know this is weird, but this is how I like it :)

2. Learn flying. Always wanted to be an aviator

3. Learn a foreign language or two, preferably French and German

4. And use them when I visit France and Switzerland on a holiday

5. Ride on TGV- Lyria between Zurich and Geneva. The train cruises at 300kmph or mph (whetaver, its fast!)

6. Try out skydiving, scuba diving and skiing

7. Visit the beaches of Normandy- they fought for peace

8. Visit high altitude warzones like Kargil, Siachen and the like

9. Teach underprivilaged kids

10. Thats it!

So when are u buying me my air tickets madam? :D


Anonymous said...

Abbe maine comment kiya tha, kidhar gayaab ho gaya?:o =(

Anubha said...

hehe I know but it's safe to believe that it will.That way, I'll atleast work on that list! :D

hmm checked the link. But you never know even whether you'll die tomorrow, right? So it's good to do all the things you want to before you breathe last!

Nice, long list!
Air tickets? Me? :P
Khudko plane chalaayega aur tickets mere se lega :P

LOL.. :D No idea! :D

/-\я∆√ĪЙÐ |{яî§hnÅn said...
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/-\я∆√ĪЙÐ |{яî§hnÅn said...

Hie... wonderful post as always... you have clarity of thought and it clearly reflects in your writing.. u convey what u want,, this post sets up the thinking process..
What all can we possibly achieve in 3 years.. as 1 dream is fulfilled, more dreams or wishes or aspirations rise...
so practically speaking 3 years is too less. But on the brighter side it can give inspiration to pursue our goals with more faith and dedication and that will give us real satisfaction !!
Hats off 2 Anubha, once again, you have inspired us to think a bit or more, that gives birth to some sort of action... or to-do-list !
M off to list mine... !!
god bles U dear... keep up d good work !! :)