Sunday, December 20, 2009


The last week's been crazy!

Of late, I have no idea of what I've been doing. I quit my job at an MNC because it made me unhappy for some reason (a lot of reasons actually!). My family's been supportive, I'm lost now though! It sucks being at home all day. Each day, I want to be something different. It feels like I want to paint one morning, and write the next. I feel like working on my next website one minute, and find myself abandoning it completely to read my unfinished novel. I wish I was a little less impulsive, because this way, I'm never going to figure out what I want. 

I know I did what I thought would make me happy but now I am scared nothing would ever come my way!! 

Life's complicated. 


Reema said...

Live life with no regrets! jo hota hai achhe ke liye hi hota hai..even if wo achhi baat hum tab nahi samajh paate.

* Winds Of Change * said...

well..everythn in here happens for a they say jo kuch hota hai aache ke liye hota hai..u r gonna be jst fine..may b this job jst wasnt meant to be urs..Do what u love do what u feel one owns u or haf any control over what u do..u aint this what u think abt ur self nw..u aint lost just take a break..go o na holiday if that makes u feel with ppl u love this will make u feel nt here to advice u or sumfin just here to make u feel better.. ur fun loving-humorous-camera crazy-like doing funni things-being innovative-good at writing things may it whatever-i knw u tahts y said this things..Keep Smiling n god bless u always Anu :) ...

Sukhdeep said...

Err... Stop writing such sad posts and your life will be half better.. whenever you feel good and happy.. write post.. :)

Whenever you visit your blog and read these posts.. bound to feel sad :(

Cheer Up..

Mana said...

Do what makes you happy :) Many times, small things make us happy and carefree than big money.

Raghava Kumar said...

Well, you must be happy that your family is very supportive. This is the time for refreshing yourself and preparing yourself for a better future. Try to look at a half-empty glass as a half-fillef glass. Things change automatically when your mindset changes.

All the best!

Anubha said...

Yes I am trying to do just that! Just gets a little difficult sometimes! Thanks :)

@Winds of Change
Thanks dear I hope things work out well soon! :)

Hehehe okay, so the next time I am down, I'll call you up and bore you again instead of posting stuff up here! :P I hope uss din jyaada nahi pakaaya :P

...And I am doing exactly that ;) Thanks! :)

But mindsets take time to change! Working towards it, thanks! :)

nittcon said...

I am going thru the same.. not yet quit job ...donno what i am doing.. but really ur post has some sense... came across this accidentally... all the best to u