Thursday, December 17, 2009

Avant Garde Bloggie Awards

The Avant Garde Bloggie Awards are here again (all thanks to Poonam)!! :)

It's a competition where some of the best blogs from blogosphere get recognised and appreciated! :) A fun competition where a panel of judges (some of the best bloggers around) will judge your posts that could be nominated by you or your friends!

Official video by Publicist Nikhil :

The last day for sending in nominations is 20th December 2009 ! You can have a look at the categories here. The rules for nominating your entries are all mentioned here. You could enter nominations in the comments section of this post.

Get all the other info you need on Poonam's blog:

So hurry up!!

Nominate yourself, fellow bloggers, start campaigning for nominations, spread the word !!

P.S: You could do me a favour too :P


Anonymous said...

Tension not! Main hoon na tere blog ko nominate karne ke liye ;)

Anubha said...

:P Thanks, I hope I win!! :D