Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a miracle!

We come across so many miracles each day. I don't know whether they can even be called miracles but some experiences really make you feel like there is some thing powerful that is guiding you. 

BlogAdda has come up with yet another contest giving us bloggers a chance to share such experiences. And if any of our stories get selected, it'll be published in "The Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul - a book of miracles". Additionally, we'll also win a cash prize of Rs. 1000. Isn't that lovely? :)

Anyway, I needn't mention that I am participating too :D So watch out for some 'miraculous' posts by yours truly this coming week! :)

Also, I need your best wishes for the contest. So wish me luck!!

For more details on this contest or to participate, click here. :)

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