Monday, January 31, 2011

Miracles? Every day is one!

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Have you ever experienced Deja Vu? Been in a scenario where you've felt that this has happened before in this exact manner?

Have you ever woken up finding that your dream is exactly in sync with reality in a way that your subconscious already knew what was going to happen?

There was this time when I experienced waking up from a dream where I was falling with a loud thud, and that was the exact time my kitchen ceiling had fallen. It almost felt like something inside me knew that this was going to happen; it just came out differently. Another instance was when I felt someone was going to touch me in my dreams and I woke up when mom touched me to wake me up at the same time!

Many little incidents keep happening everyday that leave us feeling surreal.

For one, it is strange how we, human beings, are guided by our hearts. We are born with a set of basic instincts. Our existence is a miracle in itself! Something within us constantly tells us what is right and wrong. We call it our conscience. It's abstract, but it's continually guiding us and it stops us when we go wrong.

There are certain set of people we can connect with instantly, still some others we take time with, and some we tend to keep away from. There are people with whom you feel you've known them forever too.

Then there are also certain incidents that take place that you can make no head or tail of, but in time, you come to know of the reasons behind them. You get all your answers.

Miracles happen everyday, you just need to keep your minds and hearts open.

They say you can live as though nothing is a miracle and as though everything is one. The latter keeps you happier, makes you hopeful. :)


Manpreet Bedi said...

loved the lines at the end. :)

Anubha said...

@Manpreet :)

Reema said...

have had the deja vu feeling many times. freaky!

Anubha said...

Yup it brings chills!!