Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Wake up' Call.

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A month before my final year university exams could start, I had not been keeping well and any of us in class was hardly prepared for them. We had tried everything, from sitting in college after class-hours with our books, to going to each others' places (so as to get motivated by each other- which worked but only to motivate each other to spend time on Facebook!), to ask our professors to take tests & preliminary examinations (which they did but we could never get ourselves to study for them!) and to work out a full day schedule for each other (which none of us ever stuck to). It was time to get serious and we all thought we might as well go solo. Surprisingly, it worked. On the first day, I actually sat up late and managed to finish a quarter of my portion. It was just part of a section of a subject but I was proud of myself.

It was 2 am by the time I got to bed and with the schedule that I had worked out for myself, I would only finish the whole section the next day if I manage to be up by 6 am. As with every urban student, I have '3 am friends' too- friends whom I can talk to at anytime of the night and who obviously expect me to speak to them too. I had to be selfish that night though, and put my cellphone on the "Silent" mode so as to avoid those phone calls and get myself some sleep. Now, the alarm doesn't ring on the "Silent" mode and I wanted to be up by 6am. My mother used to always tell me to keep in mind what time I have to get up, and that if we really want to get up, our eyes automatically open at that particular time. I have tried that, like a million times, and trust me, there have been times when I have slept so hard that my dad had to climb into our balcony from the neighbour's balcony because I wouldn't answer the doorbell. So you know how good I am at waking up on my own. I still thought of giving it a shot. As usual, after saying my night prayers, I asked God to wake me up the next morning - anyhow!

Just then, my cellphone vibrated too much near my pillow. It was a call from Saleem, one of my college friends then. I answered the call with a very grumpy "Hello". No one spoke. After a few seconds, I hung up and checked the time. It was 6am! It didn't seem like I had slept at all because I was wide awake. And I couldn't believe I woke up to a vibration! I never do. I was really surprised and got on with the day. 

I went to college at 11am that day and bumped into Saleem. I asked him how he was up so early and why he gave me a call. He denied giving me any call. He said he was fast asleep at the time I got the call from him. Only when I showed him my "Received Calls" list did he believe that I had indeed got that call from his number. He went on to tell me that it might have been a mistake since he keeps his cellphone right under his pillow, and some keys might have been pressed!

I couldn't believe it. The time of the call and the fact that it was by mistake was too huge a co-incidence.
I don't know if I can call it a "miracle". It was something too minor to be thought of as one, but it was definitely not just a co-incidence either!


JD said...

Love the way you write..its like watching a movie of whatever you write. I am still not able to believe u woke up with just 1 phone call, that too on silent mode. Well, I don't doubt that it is a MIRACLE indeed :P

Unknown said...

agree with jaydeep...its like watching a movie...:) and it reminds me of the novel "One night at call Center".....may be dt call was from god...:P

Sarah malik said...

haha, its a 'MISTAKE' i may say :P
but u know something? these lil incidents that happen as a co-incidence in life make it more beautiful and interesting :)
nice narration!


Anubha said...

@JD hehehe :D thanks for the compliment btw! :)

@saleem yes maybe it was from God, and he sent it through you :P

Yes.. a 'MISTAKE' :D
We must learn to find miracles in little things. :) Thank you!

Manpreet Bedi said...

you know, "yes, miracles do happen." :)

Anubha said...

yes they do :)

RaNiiiiii said...

even i blv in what your mom said.. but i believe that if you tell your pillow when you want to wake up.. you will definitely wake up. nice write up !