Monday, May 18, 2009


It almost seems like God read my post yesterday, since I got a big package from Wipro today with the offer letter in it, and an office bag ! :D But it's confusing me all the more!

I had also got selected by Patni but they didn't give me a joining date yet. And so is the case with Wipro, except that it's in Bangalore and it has a 4 year bond, and only after completion of 4 years will I be called an employee of Wipro! So it doesn't really seem like a good idea to me, but if I don't have any choice left, I might have to go with it..but that also means saying goodbye to my city and to my Masters degree. I'm all confused now :( 

Life's complicated when you don't know where you're heading.. and what you want to do! 


Reema said...

congrats!! take decision carefully.

Anubha said...

Thanks but I'm unable to decide anything :-s

Harsh said...

All the best wherever you head for :D

Sid said...

I may be wrong, but I don't think what Wipro has offered you can be technically called a 'job' - it's more like a traineeship. Besides, if you are not hired into Wipro after 4 years, it's a waste of all that time because they won't give you a degree either. The training certificate they might give would have no value beyond their offices. So choose carefully... All the best and congratulations!

Sukhdeep said...

ok.. here goes a word from someone whu has worked in IT for 2 years now and has friends across industry. Take few things to consideration:
1. 4 years in one company.. means u r bound under their policy changes and bond for long time. if they say no increment..u can't say nethin..if they say u move to noida for project.. no option again.. after that they ask u to move to chennai.. u r under for 4 years again .. hope u get an idea :D
2. 4 years mean all ur dreams of masters go in water.. ofcourse u can pursue mba after 4 then there wud be somethin lyk marriage coming ur way, priorities changin n all.. hope u get an idea here too :D
3. wipro is not Google and Microsoft and your pay package might not be in 6 figures or something to boast about :D it wud be decent enuf to compete wid todays market standards and at end of 4 years , way below the market standards...

lot said .. think wisely..

if you join wipro.. do let me know.. :) will know one more person from Wipro then..

btw one amazing thing abt wipro i know is tht they give dating allowance ;) and they do have bloggers contest at times :D


Anubha said...

Thanks !!!

Yes you're right about Wipro and you're also right in saying it would be a waste of time.. I inquired.. Well I guess I'll just wait for a call from Patni then and apply to a few more places.

Firstly, welcome to my blog :)
I know 4 years is a lot of time, and I don't want to pursue mba, I was just hoping to complete msc along with a job. And Wipro is OUT now, it's like the LAST option!
Thanks for your advice though.. :)
Dating allowance?? Now that's one thing I'll miss ! :D

Anonymous said...

4 years seems a veerrry long time for trainee-ship AND a bond. Hmmm... in bad times like these I think this does really appear as taking advantage of the situation by a big company like Wipro. I thought they could do better. Suddenly they don't seem like a company I would look up to anymore. And I am assuming that the bond means you have to pay them quite a sum of money that they will not refund if you leave (that was the practice even in good times).

Ultimately it depends on how desperate you are for a job. I wouldn't take the offer on principle (one/two year bond with employee status, sure... but 4 years as a trainee, no chance). You are saying that Wipro is now your absolutely last choice. Good.

And all the best for your job hunt. I am not completely sure what your profile is but I may be able to suggest something if I know more.

amit said...

And I am assuming that the bond means you have to pay them quite a sum of money that they will not refund if you leave (that was the practice even in good times).

Err.. you are wrong there. Big companies like these don't take money from employees/trainees but they pay them. So whether you are an employee there or are a trainee, they will pay you. Ofcourse trainees don't get as much as full time employees but its not like they pay a dime a day!

The bond simply means that you can't leave the company before the bond expires, if you do then you are supposed to pay some compensation to the company.

Don't think of a bond as some hideous disease. You can read the kind of bond they want you to sign & then decide. See if during the four years how much you will be paid. Usually the bond will only forbid you to resign from the company & there will be a clause of you having to pay XXXXX amount to them (usually its 2-3 months pay which company pays you).

If you take this now & if tomorrow some other company offers you a job, a lot of times the new company would pay your compensation for breaking the bond with your existing employer, it just depends on the kind of skill sets you have & if you'll be valuable enough to the new company.

So don't make hasty decisions. If you need a job then do consider this as well. But if getting a job isn't something needed badly then you can pass it & go ahead with your studies.